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Hey girlz,
First off, I haven't blogged in a little while cuz my family & I went away for the weekend...and I got to see Alii :D We had the awesomest time ever, but now I'm back, ready to start blogging.

Now, you may (Hopefully!) rembered the "Dear Emii" advice section that Jessica from "A Blog To Brag About" suggested. I've been kinda busy, but now it's time to start. Remember you can comment your questions and whatever here, or send an email to me at girlz4god.G4G@hotmail.com :)

Dear Emii,

Hello! I was wanting some advice on being left out of sleepovers, parties, etc. I don't want to change for the people to like me, but its hard when your the only girl in class who isn't invited somewhere, especially when they talk about in front of you, you have to act like it doesn't hurt. What should I do, and how do I feel better?

Thanks Emii!

Hey guest,
Wow, that must be really hard. There was a time when life was a bit like that for me, too. In year 5, I was the new girl, and there were these two girls that both had sleepover parties for their birthday's. Of course, I wasn't invited to either of them. The girls' excuse was, "They could only have a certain amount of people." Mmhmm. But if that was the case, why had the number been bigger last year, seing as another girl use to go to that school, before me -- and she got invited. But what made it not so bad was that I wasn't the only one not invited. There was this one other girl, she'd started school just the year before. She was awesome, I have no idea why she wasn't invited.
But even though I felt left out, it wasn't as bad as it would've been if I were the only one.
So, take a step back, Guest. Are you sure you're the only one in the class not being invited to these parties?
Well, if you are the only one, let me say this.
Don't change yourself to be like them. I don't know if any of you have heard of Sharon Witt (She wrote the Teen Talk books) but she visited my old school once, and gave us this card, with a quote on it:
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." by Judy Garland.
Sure, there are ways you could change yourself for the better. Maybe ask them why you're not invited to these parties. You never know, there might be an answer that will make you think, "Ohhh. Well, I can fix that, can't I?"
Of course, there's always the chance that they just don't like you, for whatever reason. And if that's the case, well, I can't really see how that sleepover would be much fun.
I hope I've been as of some help, Guest & girlz:)


  1. Thanks for posting on that, Emii! I definitely know how it feels to be left out or excluded from something. Btw, where did you and your family go over the weekend? I'm glad that you had a fun time with Alii. Have a great week!

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  3. great job emii - i had that problem in elementary school - but God showed me that those girls weren't worth spending time with - why? because they did some NASTY things and I could've gotten sucked in if I had been invited to all their sleepovers...
    i hope that post encouraged your guest!!
    hugs sister!!!


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