United as One. Not Individual.

The other day, my church was supposed to have a "picnic". Oh, and it only has like, 30 old people in it, btw. Anyway, it was raining on that particular day -- so it was proposed that we go to the place where they serve the morning tea, two doors away. Which we did.

But when my family and I arrived, people were already sitting down. Yeah, that is so weird, right? Lol, that's not what I'm talking about. You see, there are different tables around the room -- so everyone was apart, set out in their little groups.

Dad was playing the piano, and I said to mum, "Shouldn't there be like, a long table, so we can all talk to eachother?" I mean, it's not like I was desperate to have a conversation with anyone. It was just that, if someone were to walk into the room, wanting to join us -- it wouldn't exactly make them feel welcome, and eager to stay, would it?

So dad came back over a couple of minutes later, and he was like, "Shouldn't we all be sitting together?" or something like that, and I was like, "THAT'S WHAT I SAID." LOL. Don't worry, I didn't shout it. I just thought it was cool that we both said the same thing :P

Well, the tables didn't end up being pushed together. We didn't even say grace together. The people who were "leading" it came a few minutes late, and most of us were waiting for them to come in and say grace or ask someone else to or whatever. But they just started eating. And everyone else followed. What happened to the communication?

So you see, being "together" -- is important, So is communication. When something you want to do is just impossible alone -- get together with some other people, who might seem interested in doing it, too. Don't think, "Oh, yeah, I can do it, if I try hard enough!"

Yeah, you might be able to. But with a team? It's even more possible. And there's one more thing. I have a feeling you might already know what I'm talking about. Uh-huh -- it's God. Because He is always ready to go through each and every part of your life with you. And he doesn't come for some, and stay for some, like some "friends" might do. No. He'll be there for life. And you know what else? He'll always be there to talk to, too.

But you have to be willing to listen to Him. And that is one thing I still have to learn. Because sometimes I feel like I'm, "Too busy to lie down, close my eyes for half an hour" and listen for a voice that I hardly think will become audible. I have faith in God -- but I've never heard his voice. BUT -- God doesn't  only speak through words.

He speaks to us through the Bible, prayer, talking, things that happen. Through visions, dreams. But don't try and translate everything into a dream or a vision from God. I think if it is, you will know. I think it would give you a sense of peace, not anxiety or something. Not that I'm an expert :)

So, girlz, remember to keep the togetherness (unity means the same thing, right?) and keep up the communication -- and now, I'm running late for school :P



  1. That spoke to me thanks alot Emii! Your such a great writer and encourager!

  2. Emii,
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  3. Emii, thanks a bunch for commenting on my most recent blog post. I appreciate your feedback and it gave me something to ponder over. Also, thanks for adding a sidebar link to my blogspot!

    ~Elizabeth J.


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