Thanks SOO much!

Hey girlz,
Thanks for all your AWESOME suggestions & ideas for my blog. So, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of new things I've decided on.

First of all -- This is You. Writing about the woman in the Bible in a way for you to find it easier to relate and understand --  suggested by Meredith, this is what she said:

"Emii maybe you could do something you did like the Mary thing...like make it a personalized story about women/girls in the bible."

The next thing I'm going to be doing is a "Dear Emii" section, which was suggested to me by Jessica -- who has just a totally AWESOME design blog, btw (And where I won an awesome Post Signature!). This is what Jessica said:

"You could have girls submit tough life questions to you, and you could offer your best advice on what you, as a Christian girl striving to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God, would do."
Mik suggested that I could,
" Do a 12 days of Christmas thing, like you post on something about Christmas everyday until Christmas."
 Sounds like a great idea!

And, the final suggestion, from Guest -- this is what she said:

"I would love it if you could post on some things about life-just stuff us girlz deal with..like being left out of groups of friends, and stuff like that. Stuff that we could all learn from."
Which then makes sense for the "Dear Emii" section, right? That way you can let me know what you'd like me to post on and stuff:)

And remember, if you have any suggestions for posting, go to This post and comment :)

OH, yeah -- for the Dear Emii column, email me at girlz4god.G4G@hotmail.com, that'd be awesome :D

Thanks for being like, the BEST blog readers & friends EVER!:)



  1. Hey great ideas! Can't wait to read them all in upcoming posts!



  2. How cool! Can't wait to see these new elements in upcoming posts!

  3. Hey Emi!!!
    Just a question for ya....
    Do you have a facebook page for girlz4god?????
    I think that would be really cool if you did!!
    I understand if you don't want to do it,with privacy issues and all that, but I would really enjoy it,and I think others will too!

  4. Hello!
    Thanks can't wait for the posts!!! I also wanted to let you know..for the dear Emii column I will have to comment my questions...if that will work because for privacy I can't email anybody I don't know. So I can just let you know my dear Emii column questions in comments! Thanks!

  5. I'm so glad you like the ideas:)
    Guest, that's fine:)
    And Hannah -- LOVE the idea! I'll create one right now:)


  6. Awesome!!!!!
    The reason I asked is cuz I go on facebook more often in my "free time" then I do blogs....
    Don't worry I will still read your blog and maybe become your friend on facebook
    I am under the followers so if you want to be my friend just go ahead!!


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