So, supp?

Hey girlz!
Nothing, really, has been happening over here at Girlz 4 God that last couple of weeks, has it? But it's been a busy month -- or, at least, a busy week -- for my family. We've had Christmas, and then, yesterday, it was my brothers birthday... and tomorrow, it's my sisters birthday -- then we have New Years Eve... oh, and yeah -- my others sister's birthday was on the 14th of December. I guess I'm a loner in March.. LOL! But I like having my birthday separate -- that way, people haven't had a birthday in a while, and they can enjoy mine, because it's in a non-busy time of the year :D ...Well, that's my theory, anyway. :P

If any of you were wondering, my book is going great! At least, I like to think so. Once I reach a 100 Followers, I'll be hosting an awesome giveway... and I might post a sneak-peak of my book!:)

Oh, and remember -- starting the new year, I'll be launching (Well, starting, hehe) the "Dear Emii" section -- I've already gotten a couple of submissions (Thanks, girlz!) but keep sending in more, please!

I've been reading some great books lately, so you can expect some of my "Book Reviews" to be coming up, soon!

Well, that's all for now. Please try to comment... I'm feeling a little lonely around here these days. Though it could be a good thing.. I guess. I mean, I haven't been spending hours on the computer these days... oh, okay, fine. For the last two days. But trust me, it seems like forever -- the days don't seem to end! :P

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas,


  1. Hey Emii,

    Sorry I haven't been commenting! I've been pretty bad when it comes to blogs lately.. will try to get back to blogging life again!

    Happy birthday, Chloe, Nathan and whoever lolz.


  2. emii,

    so sorry i haven't been around for a while...i've been bogged down with a ton of stuff goin' on lately and haven't had time for the computer.
    but i'm back now!

  3. I would LOVE to see the sneak peek of your book! I am going crazy to hear about what you have written!!!!!!!



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