Posting... what do you think?

Okay. So, I haven't been getting that many comments lately, on my latest posts, so I put a poll up. The results were varied, though someone said they thought my posts were kind of boring. Now, I don't want my posts to be boring for you!

Which makes me want to know -- what do you want to read and learn about? What topics/things would you like me to focus on, for my upcoming posts? I'm very open to suggestions; I only want the best for this blog and for you girlz!

If you could comment what you'd like me to post, or anything else you'd like to say -- or otherwise you can email me at girlz4god.G4G@hotmail.com. Either is fine:)

Ooh, guess what! School is FINISHED! So now it's summer holidays (vacation, in America) and I don't have to go to school for 50-something days.. yay! :D

12 Days 'Til Christmas!



  1. Your posts are NOT boring, let me assure you that! maybe you could do a 12 days of Christmas thing, like you post on something about christmas everyday until Christmas. just a thought.

    love your blog!


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  3. Emii maybe you could do something you did like the Mary thing...like make it a personalized story about women/girls in the bible.

  4. Hey Emii,
    I am sorry I haven't commented in a while, though I do read. But I know its annoying when you don't get comments and I am sorry I haven't in a while. I will try to a lot more now. :) As for suggestions... I would love it if you could post on some things about life-just stuff us girlz deal with..like being left out of groups of friends, and stuff like that. Stuff that we could all learn from. Just an idea! I love all your posts though ;) So keep up the awesome work. And I know I can't believe only 12 days! I am excited...yet just shocked at how fast life is becoming, very rapidly. Thanks!

  5. Thanks SO much for the suggestions, girlz. I'll be posting on EVERYTHING you suggested:)


  6. Hi Emii, the other suggestions were great. What I think would be cool is if you started a "Dear Emii" section.

    You could have girls submit tough life questions to you, and you could offer your best advice on what you, as a Christian girl striving to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God, would do.

    By the way, you won a prize in my giveaway this week! Stop by my blog @ A Blog to Brag About to claim it.

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