Okay, so you know how the angel came to Mary, and told her that she was going to get pregnant by the holy spirit, and that she'd be giving birth to God's son, Jesus. That story has probably been stored in the back of your mind for years. For so long, in fact, that it's just there. You don't actually understand and relate to Mary.

I want you to read this -- and "You" is you, okay?

You are about 14 years old. You're a school girl, and you're going out with this cute guy called Joey.
One day, after school, you're hanging out in your room, listening to Britt Nicole's song, "Set the World on Fire" while lying on your bed, writing a story for your English assignment. And then, all of a sudden -- your room lights up, and there's this guy there. You wonder briefly if he has wings, but you don't really care. All you want to know is Who is this guy, inside my bedroom, and WHAT does he want!?

You inch backwards, to the comfort of the warm covers of your bed, getting ready to scream for help. But, before you can, this guy says, "Hey, don't be scared! I've been sent here by God; I'm not going to hurt you."
Yeah, right. Some random person in your bedroom, saying he's come from God? You make a face. How on earth will you know if he's actually telling the truth?
Then this guy proceeds to tell you that you're going to give birth to a son -- and that you're gonna call him Jesus.

"How can this happen?" you ask him. "I mean, I'm a virgin -- and what will Joey think? He'll think I'm cheating on him, when I'm not." You sigh. What if everyone hates you, and don't believe you when you say that the Holy Spirit has done this?

Your life could fall apart. Joey will break up with you. Your friends -- what about your friends? What will they think if you're suddenly pregnant, at 14 years old? And your parents; what will they think of you? Like they're really going to believe it's through God. Uh-huh.

But you're a Christian, and you've chosen to live and commit and give your life to God. So you say, even though it'd be much easier just to decline, and live your life like normal, without having all this worry and trouble -- "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said."

Okay, so now maybe you can relate a little more to how Mary felt -- I mean, seriously -- she was a young teenage girl. How's she supposed to react? Would you have trusted God enough to accept this?

I found this story on SusieMagazine -- click Here to read it. But before you do, I want you to look at this prayer here.

Dear Jesus,

I want my identity to be grounded in You. I get it now. If friends, family, body image, relationships or activities define who I am, then it’ll all crumble someday. But I’m starting to understand that if I place everything in You, I can stand no matter what happens.

It’s probably easier to say I’d die for You than to say I’ll live for You . . . because I probably won’t actually be killed for the gospel. But by saying I’ll live for You . . . well, that covers every single area of my life, doesn’t it?

And, Jesus, this is what I want. I’m ready to take my relationship with You to a much deeper level. I want my identity to be in You. I want my identity to BE You. When people look at me, I want them to see You.
So this Christmas, I give You me. All of me. I surrender all. Everything. You’re in complete charge. Do with me what You want, when You want, wherever You want. I’m ready to totally LIVE for You! Amen.
Now click on the link, and read the story. It might help you to understand the prayer better -- which I got from the article/story, btw.
I hope you enjoyed this post, girlz, and now I have to go to church :)


  1. Awesome Emii! Except that Mary would have been about seventeen or eighteen because when Jesus rose that 12 yr old girl back to life he said, "Get up little girl" and 14 is only two up from 12, so she would have been called "little girl" but she wasnt, so yeah.
    But besides that, thanks for sharing (and btw, this is libby, Im just not logged in)

  2. Emii-Great post I was wondering if I could use this in my 4-H devo Tuesday night.

    Libby-Emii was right the girl wasn't called little girl because back then tweleve was an old age thats about the time they were getting engaged.

  3. Hey Meredith,
    Suree:) This might sound kind of dumb, but could you say you read it here? Well you don't have to if you think that'd be stupid :D


  4. Wow, I think I would be afriad. But Got knew what he was going when he chose Mary-I'm sure she was excited, even if frightened.

  5. Yeah, sure I'll send you these emails. Got your address!

  6. Wow Emii what a great post. Look forward to reading more.

    Girlz On Fire 4 Jesus

  7. I'm glad I found your blog today. I really enjoyed that post. I gave me something to think about that I never considered before. Thanks!

  8. Hi Emii,

    Thanks so much for the awesome post! =) Oooh...yep, that would've been SO hard for poor Mary! =) But she was an amazing girl/woman, and God definitly knew what He was doing!! I know I would've been SUPER scared...I mean, I'm 14! :)

    God Bless ya, Emii! Lol...your name is fun to write...emii emii emii...:D

    In Christ,

  9. Thanks soo much, girlz :)

    And Luci, haha, Emii, emii, emii... :P

    Luv, ...Emii ;)

  10. great application....

    really made me think...

    ~ Michaila

    p.s. thanks SO much for following my blog

  11. Hi Emii,
    Thank you for the sweet comment you left me. :) I'm really glad you like my blog... I love yours as well! You have some very thoughtful posts. ;) Feel free to come by my blog anytime!


  12. Emii-I ended up not using it. But thanks anyway. I had to get i typed up like right then so I could turn it in to let our president read it....then I forgot to give it to him so...that didn't happen. LOL


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