Christmas Must Be Something... More.

Well, it's Christmas Eve. At least, Christmas Eve Day, if that even exists... okay, it's the DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Does that work better for you? LOL!

I've been thinking of what to write for my "Christmas" post for a while now -- you know, every blog you follow is constantly updating Christmas blog posts. I've done, what? One? Something like that. And, still, I'm not completely sure what to write, but I'm sure I'll figure out where I'm going sometime soon ;)

I was writing in my diary the other day, when I was like, "I think I'm beginning to understand the real reason for Christmas."  Um, and no -- I didn't say that out loud. I wrote it down.

It's like, every year, my parents tell us that, "It's not about the presents, it's about how Jesus died," or whatever they say. But, really. When you hear that year after year, it doesn't make a difference to you. I think it's one of those things where things have to happen for you to really understand that presents don't make Christmas.

Like, this girl, who some of us know (Well, not personally...), is in the hospital right now. I don't think she's coming home for Christmas. Imagine that, being in a hospital for Christmas, fighting for your life? I don't think you'd care for a second about the presents, I'm thinking you might just want your life back, yeah?

Christmas is a great time to catch up with people and family you might only see once a year -- but let me ask you something. What is your favourite part of this time? Do you enjoy eating your lunch or tea, talking to your cousins? Or do you spend the whole time quietly waiting, or loudly nagging -- for opening presents time? Because, let me tell you -- even last year, that was me.

But this year, I guess when you see other people in bad situations -- it just changes your perspective on things, huh?

So, this Christmas -- I challenge you to look past the presents, and look closer into... spending time with your family, appreciating them -- NOT the gifts they bring, wrapped in cool wrapping paper. And remember -- even though, like I said before, it's kind of hard to take this into heart if you're just hearing it from me -- that we have this holiday because Jesus was born, and we're celebrating the day he came to earth to save our lives.

And, here's one of Taylor Swift's Christmas songs, "Christmas Must Be Something More". I know I've posted this one before, but you don't mind, do you, girlz? :D

And Merry Christmas,  girlz! ...and, enjoy your presents. I mean, hello, I love unwrapping them... I do it slowly, at first, to make it last longer... but then I just want to see what I get :D



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