Saturday Stuff

So, I missed Randomness Friday (Like I often do) so I've just created Saturday Stuff. Same thing, really, except it's for Saturday's :D

Just a Girl Designs
For those of you who haven't been there yet, I'm re-opening my design blog... again. I think I'm pretty happy with it this time, and am going to keep up with it... remember to check it out!

I've written... 29,212 words. Only 20,000 more to go!

I now have 50 Followers! Thank you ALL so much for following my blog -- everytime I get a new follower, I'm like, "Yay, I have a new follower!" to mum :D

I'm currently reading "Just Another Girl" by Melody Carlson... it's awesome! I'll have to do a book review on it when I'm done...

I'm still in love (Okay, maybe not in love) with Taylor Swift's Christmas album... even if it is from last Christmas. You can get the album on iTunes for like $7.50 :D

Me and Mik are learning "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift on our guitar's... thankyou, guitar teacher!
If you didn't know, I started lessons about two weeks ago -- I have a purple electric guitar, and Mik has a pink electric guitar lolz, and the guitar teacher was like, "Oh, that's so cool -- I didn't even know you could get that colour!" and everything =D

It's nearly Summer, and the weather has been AWESOME! Although some days it's a bit too hot -- we get to wear mini-shorts! :D lOL

Reading (Again!)
If I reach my NaNo goal, (Which I hope I do!) I'm going to post the first chapter of my novel for you girlz to read... :)

Do Hard Things
Hehe, no-one at all commented on the previous post, the book study thing -- oh, well, I'm going to post it every Tuesday anyway. Maybe people are doing it... I hope so! :)



  1. kewlidge emii! :) and i cant find it--sorry :(

  2. and i no--i <3 that taylor swift album...well, i guess i <3 all of them lol :)

  3. haha yeah samee here :D she's awesomeee!! :D

  4. Well good for you on all! And keep up the good work!

    Summer? Where do you live exactly? LoL in my neck of the woods, we're going into WINTER! hahaha

    ((hugs & blessings))

  5. Hi Emii!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I love in Chile, SA.. and here it's almost summer, too! I love this weather!


  6. Oops! Sorry.. I meant "I LIVE in Chile" lol.. I love it too.. it's true, but.. not what I meant! lol


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