Keep the Connection

Yesterday, I went to a friends' party -- a horseriding party. The three of us that could actually go -- me, Jordy and Maddy -- and Jordy's mum -- got directions on how to get to the place from someone. The map he gave us resembled a man falling of a cliff or something -- seriously, it was a bunch of lines with some scrawled street lines. We decided to follow the map anyway -- and ended up getting lost. Waaay lost. The map was a shortcut for the back roads.

We ended up having to call Jordy's Aunty, who was already there -- to try and help us figure out where we were. But the connection kept getting cut off, and we had to keep going. We got to a sign, went left -- and fifteen minutes later, realized we'd taken a wrong turn.

We turned around -- and it seemed like we drove forever, until we finally saw a sign pointing the direction of the horse place. So we went right, and kept driving -- when suddenly Maddy said, "I saw a sign that had the name of it back there!" -- and so we turned around. And there was a tiny green sign, saying the name of the riding place. Why had it been so small, we'd missed it?

Jordy's mum realized that, if we'd kept on going before, at the place where she thought that she was going the right way -- we'd have gotten there a lot sooner -- we'd been almost there.

But the main thing was, we were at our destination.

 And you know what? It hadn't been the one Jordy's mum thought she was going to; it was a whole different riding place altogether. And if we'd gone her way, without getting help -- well, we'd have arrived at the wrong destination, wouldn't we have?

Remember to trust God to get you to your destination -- keep the connection going strong -- don't go out of range. Don't turn around when you're almost there.

When you make mistakes, it might take longer to get there. But have faith that you will get there, eventually. Don't give up. You will reach your destination.



  1. what an incredible experience that God used! :D I love when God takes things that don't seem fun, or they are annoying, etc; and turns them into a lesson that we desperately needed to learn. Thanks for sharing!

    Love in Christ,

  2. Yeah...when I had PTSD I realized that God wanted me to be an adolesent pschycologist, so that kind of like the point of your blog entry.

  3. LoL Wow. I've never heard of a horseriding party--very interesting.

    ((hugs & blessings))
    Sarah @ ButterflyChic

  4. I awarded you!



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