It's Thanksgiving today. Only, we don't actually "Celebrate" it here in Australia. But regardless of that, I'm going to say a couple of things I'm thankful for, because that's what everyone else is doing. I WAS going to try and think of something different to everyone -- but I have to get ready for school soon, lolz, and I just...well, couldn't think of anything :P

I'm thankful for...my family. Because they're just so awesome, right?:)

The next thing I'm thankful for -- would definitely be my friends. You guys rok!!!!

School. Okay, so I don't exactly love school. But without it -- I wouldn't get to see my friends everyday, would I?

Our house. I love our house, even if my bedroom is pretty small.

Blogger -- If blogger hadn't been invented, what would we do with all this time? :D

My blogger friends -- You girlz are like, SO awesome & important to me. You're always encouraging me -- and don't point out any of my flaws :P

My favourite authors -- I'm thankful that they perservered with their writing, so that we have some VERY good books to read!:)

My cat, Jimmy-Jay. He's like, the best cat ever!:) ...except when we claws at the door at 6:30 every morning, wanting to be let in -- and then I have to let him in!:( But I luv ya, Jim.

I'm thankful for Jesus Christ. That he died on the cross to save all of us -- so that we, hellooo -- don't have to die.

Speaking of which, that'll be my next post.

So, have a "Happy Thanksgiving" and enjoy your day!:)



  1. Hey Emii,
    Nice post :)
    And I was just wondering what was happening with the "Sharing a Dream" thing. Did you just want me to design the whole blog, because, yeah, i didnt really get a reply from you when I sent the emails... Rachel kind of wants it done, so yeah. Or maybe I could design the background, send it to you, and you make the button and header with that.
    Libby x

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you too!!

    Blog on

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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