Book Review ~ Just Another Girl

Hey girlz,
So, like I said in my "Saturday Stuff" post, I was reading Just Another Girl, by Melody Carlson. Now that I've finished it, I've decided to to a book review on it -- just in case you hadn't figured that out from the title LOL.

Really, this book attracted me from the beginning; for a start, it's by Melody Carlson. I just love the cover design -- the expression on Aster's face kind of makes me think, "What is her life LIKE?" and I want to read about it.

So I did. Aster -- who was named by her mother, who liked flowers or something (Although, points out Aster -- it's more like a weed than a flower) has to look after her sister, Lily -- who has like, mental problems or something. Aster has to look after her 24/7 -- her older sister, Rose, does nothing -- and it's as if her mum stays at the office those long hours just to escape her home life. And her dad? Don't ask... just read the book.

When Aster meets Owen -- well, to be more acurate -- she already knows him, from back in middle school -- suddenly it's like, he notices her. He takes her out a couple of times, and Aster is really enjoying her free time not looking after Lily.  But after a party held at Aster's old best friends house -- Aster isn't sure this is right. Besides, he can't stand her sister; he can't handle it. Something has to change.

Through all of this, Aster meets George, and they become friends.

In the end, Aster realizes that, hey, life doesn't always go smoothly. But it's her life -- and she thanks God that He's in the middle of it.

I really enjoyed this book, girlz -- I think I would make it age appropriate for... 12 & up, but hey, you decide what's good for you to read :) And if you're not sure, why not have your mum or someone read it, first? Of course, that could take awhile, because I don't know about you -- but it takes my mum a lot longer to read a book than it takes me! :P

So, if you buy the book -- enjoy it, it's awesomee! :D



  1. Yeah that does sound pretty good. I will take a look at it at the libary. Thanks for all the great reviews for books! :)

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