What an AWESOME week!

Hey girlz,
I'm back from an awesome week at camp. But before I tell you about it, welcome to my new followers/readers, and thanks for all your encouraging and nice comments! :D

Okay, I'll tell you about it now...

I wasn't actually going to go, because I was sick with tonsilites (How do you spell it?!Lol), but I was feeling better -- and got to go after all, like I said in my previous post.

The next morning, mum dropped me off at school -- and all my friends were so excited I was actually here  (well, there) -- which was nice :) By the time we got on the good bus, there were only like 3 seats left (Yeah, I'm going into major detail here, I know :P), so we had to split up.

When we got there, it was nice and sunny. Only the weather said it was supposed to be really cold... and that prediction came true in about 15 mins LOL. After all the unloading of the bus, we had a quick meeting, and went to our cabins and everything...

Okay, if I'm going to do it this way, it'll take forever. And I can't do that, because I have WAY too much catching up to do in the blog world! So, I'll just share some highlights and fun things...and random things :)

1. The penacillion (How you spell?!) capsule things I was taking made me kinda hypo the first couple of days -- I was laughing at everything, really loudly!We laughed on the bed for like an hour -- about nothing.

2. About 10 metres away from our cabin, there's this lightpost thing-o-ma-bobby, and we made it our "tradition" to run from there to our cabin every single time, Lol.

3. We went in this gold mine, got dirt all over us and had loads of fun!!! There were tunnels (That made you feel kinda claustraphobic), walls and everything. Eww, it was so full of dirt -- but LOADS of fun!

4. For our camps "Red Faces" our cabin group decided to make a movie. We called it "Murder of the Models". I might post it sometime -- it's actually pretty good! And guess what -- we won Red Faces!!!! :D

5. Our cabin "saying" became "SaKaTa". You know, like the biscuits? One girl, Liz, brought SaKaTa's and they became our cabin mascot! So now we always say, "SaKaTa _____!" or "______, go SaKaTa!" But you say it really fast, lolz. :) Like Sa-Ka-Ta.

6. There was this one spot outside, near the hall -- and every single time we walked in that spot I'd say, "I'm cold." Yeah, it was true -- but I always said it in that spot, lol.

7. There was this waterslide thing, kinda hard to explain (Yeah, your thinking -- a water slide. REALLY hard to explain!) I was too scared to go on the waterslide.. er, no, actually -- not scared. Too COLD!!!

8. On the bunks, there was these boards, with peoples names on them -- you know, the people who slept there at their camps. So on my bed board thing I wrote, "Emii waz here '09" :D

9. Having quiet time outside. Even though it was freezing cold, we had to have quiet time outside. But you know what? I learned a lot. I loved just sitting outside in the quiet morning, reading my Bible and thinking. But I don't do that normally -- outside, anyway. I read my Bible in my room and stuff -- but there's something about having quiet time in the middle of nowhere...
It was the most awesome time EVER!!! Heaps more cool things happened, but I don't think I'll EVER be able to write them ALL down! Besides, I have to go read all your posts now... :)



  1. Hey Emii,

    Sounds like you had fun!! Glad you're back though :)


  2. glad u had a good time! God is good all the time. All the time, God is good!

    -anna :)

  3. hey emii-
    did u no there's a guys 4 God blog? i thot it was funny since u have girlz 4 God, and then he had guys 4 God...lol

  4. Hey Libby,
    I am, too! I'm so tired...

    Hey Anna,
    Haha, really?...I just checked out their blog, LOL, thanks for telling me XD


  5. Haha, I just checked that out too, lol.
    Emii, I was wondering.... you said on Nnrue's teen blog that you wanted a close friend -- or was that on here? LOL, I dont remember, but I heard it somewhere from you like ages ago.
    Are you still good friends with Alii or not? Just wondering...

  6. Glad you're back Emii! It was great to hear from you. I am so glad you are being commited to purity, may God bless you!
    In HIM,

  7. Hey Libby,
    Yes, Alii is my abffl :) I saw her the other week, I had a sleepover at her house... it was better than old times even :D
    And now, my friends at the school I go to are like, awesome close friends, too...

  8. Thanks for making me your blog of the week! That's so mice. =)

  9. Is blog of the week just, like for blogs you've just checked out? Because you keep doing ones I've never heard of on this blog -- like, no comments on here from those authors of the blog. haha, just wondering. wondering a lot of things as the moment :P

  10. Hey Michaila,
    Your welcome :)

    And Libby,
    "Blog of the Week" is just blogs I like -- and have recently discovered, I suppose. Like, all my readers know about your blog and Anna's and Chelsea's, etc -- so I like to share some others that I also enjoy, that people haven't been to before :)


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