Letters VS Emails

Just now, I read Elizabeth J's latest post, Letter writing - a lost art? She talks about how how great it is to recieve letters; how it can make a bad day that much better. Elizabeth also talks about how we've replaced letters with emails -- and even blogging.

"While email is often very convenient the truth is, we don't save those emails and years later; we'll have forgotten about them. Letters aren't like that. They hold more memories, they give us something to read back over, and seeing a friends hand-writing from years passed can remind us of how things have changed and how glad we were that we grew up with our friends."

Okay, so you know that now. (Or maybe you already did.) But what I want to know -- Why don't you write letters to your friends? And if you DO write letters to your friends -- how come? Did you find the art of letter writing so much more.. personal? And, like Elizabeth said -- that more time had gone into it?

Letters are more likely to be read than emails!
Are you having a disagreement with a friend? She's not replying to your emails? Well then, why not try writing & sending her a handwritten letter -- I mean, who can stare at an envelope addressed to them, and not read it? Not me, that's for sure :)

When was the last time you actually recieved a letter, not including a subscripton or anything?
Me? I can't even remember!

Not sure what to write?
 Well, you write emails, don't you? Just write about your life; what you're doing, how much you miss her/him! An easy way to do this is act as if this sheet of paper is your diary; blurt out everything! (That is, everything you want this friend to read :P)

Challenge =D
Okay, girlz. Here's your "Challenge" for today, or some other day during the week:

Write, decorate & send a letter to a friend. That's it -- see, how simple is letterwriting? Oh, and you don't have to decorate your letters, of course --  but to me, "decorating" is just a border, or some hearts (Haha, that's about all I can draw :P)

Well, hope you enjoyed today's post. I was stuck on what to post on for a couple of days, that's why I didn't post :)



  1. Ohh I love getting letters! its soo much nicer than gettting an email! I have quite a few pen pals whom I try to write to regulary but am somtimes a bit slack.
    Umm the last time I received a letter from a friend was at the start of September.
    I will be doing your challenge :D!
    God Bless

  2. Emii,
    What an amazing post!
    I am definately going to send that letter to Elizabeth/Libby. I think she will open it, I just hate spending money without knowing if it is well spent. But I guess I need to try. I wish Libby could just say she would read it. She hasn't spoken to me for a few months, or so it seems. I said my opinion allot, and I thought that I could because friendship--well you let each other know how you feel. But I guess I did too much, and I know that. Sorry I keep having to put stuff on your blog to contact Libby/Elizabeth but its my only hope. And Elizabeth if your reading this, I watched the video of us dancing. Its hard enough watching it and missing you, but watching it and realizing what I said to you in a mistake way, was just horrible! Elizabeth, I miss you in the first place, but to know I have hurt someone and I am missing them is just impossible. Please. PLease. Please. Help me. PLEASE. I know I said stuff, but I said things in a confusing way and I am SORRY! I have been trying so hard to get in contact and for you to ignore this and forever forget me will be horrible for me! We only have one life and I am realizing this more everyday Elizabeth! We can't live against each other! The Bible says to forgive! We have to. Its what Jesus did for us! Please Elizabeth! Just please please please!!!!, (sorry Emii I know I am going on!) forgive me Libby! I can't stand looking at our old emails, videos, and such. Your letter, which was amazing, all the things I wanna send you! Elizabeth I am so sorry. I know I have said that before but I would not take the time to write this if I didn't mean it.
    I am not that kind of person.

    Please. PLease. anything. Emails, a simple hi even from you will make me go crazy with thanks to God!

    So please email me. Or even just say hi. Because being ignored and unforgiven is so hard.

    okay, now, emii,
    I am sorry. But I am so upset. Elizabeth used to be my closest friend. then, I don't know, things got into arguments , and I just can't believe its happening. Because the Bible says to forgive.

    You have helped me so much Emii with that post today. I should send the package, maybe Elizabeth will even tell me she recieved it.

    Thanks. to all.
    sorry to bother you all!

    please Libby, please, don't ignore this. I have taken the time to write this only because I care.
    and I feel horrible for my words.


  3. Hey Emii,
    Great post and beautifully written, too!! I LOVE getting letters as much as I LOVE writing them, but most of the time I either don't think about it or I don't have time because of school and stuff. But now after reading your post I think that I will write my friend a letter. Maybe we could be penpals or something. That would be cool! Anyways, great job on your post and have a great week!

  4. Hey Libby,
    If you're reading this, I just wanted to say that I think you should forgive your friend. She or he (I'm not really sure which) seems really upset. I can feel her pain in the comment that she wrote.
    So please just contact your friend or even say hi something anything. Forgive her (or him) because Christ forgave us and continually forgives us because we all make mistakes and are not perfect. PLEASE!!!! Just thought I'd say that.

  5. Hey everyone.
    I just wanted to apologize to libby. The friendship is not going to work out. but thanks Chelsea.

    I am just going to comment on the blog posts, nothing else about my friendships! So not to worry. Sorry to bother you all! And sorry to Libby. Let's just start new, and just comment on blogs.

    Sorry Emii, Chelsea, Libby, and everyone else. Its not Libby's fault its mine and I apologize.

    So now to comment on your post@
    Great job. I will try to send
    some letters thanks!


  6. So glad you're doing the challenge, girlz!

    And Guest/Anonmyous*, thanks :)


  7. Just comment the answers. :)
    God Bless

  8. Haha well as you can see I wasnt enjoying mine very much, lol, glad you like your Sunday afternoon though :D


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