Hey, girlz!
I'm back from my holiday (I know -- it was only a week -- but it felt like forever!) and am going to check my email right now. Before I do, though -- Libby, I promise I won't read the first one you sent me. I'll delete it :)

Oh, and if you didn't know I was gone -- sorry! -- I did leave a note at the end of the contest post... so sorry, and I didn't have the internet there, which was SO annoying! Anyway, we just got home like, 15 minutes ago, so I'd better go catch up on the blog world, LOL! :D



  1. yay! :D i'll email u my entry rite now!

  2. oh and ive been meaning to ask you...

    1. how do u make the sidebare titles small like yours?

    2. where did u get the cute little heart/line things that divide the stuff on ur sidebars?

    thx, anna

  3. Those sidebar dividers, Anna, are from The cutest blog on the block. But Emii can explain since you asked her. LOL
    Thanks, Emii, I'll send you the proper one now :)

  4. libby-
    u culd tell me how to get them, too...idc who tells me, just so i find out! lol :D

  5. Okay, LOL. Well, heres the link: http://thecutestblogontheblock.com/free-extras/extras.html theres a lot of sidebar dividers to chose from. you can also use them for post dividers like emii has. I've got post dividers in stead of sidebar ones, but you could get both if you want. If you like any that TCBOTB offers, than download it--i'll explain more later but for now... if you DONT want any of the ones they offer you, there are blogs that design them -- how you want them -- for free and easeir to use. Example:

    I do that at Rosie Blog Designs. I design sidebar dividers PLUS post dividers (you saw my post divider didn't you?) to see a sidebar divider ive made, go to this blog soaringbuttercup.blogspot.com
    I'm not sure if Emii does that too, btu I do, so, yeah theres a few options.

  6. Emii, I have a contest question. With the photo, can I use a photo that was not taken by me but someone in my family? would that count?

  7. Hey girlz,
    Anna, I do pretty much the same thing as Libby :)
    Thanks for explaining, Libby!

    And Libby -- hmm. Let me think...
    I would prefer it if you took the picture yourself... maybe it would depend on who took the picture? LOL :) ...or perhaps you could enter the picture on their behalf, and if you were to win -- you could accept the prize, if they don't have a blog? :)


  8. Emii, the picture I sent in wasn't like, the best picture taken, but I just liked the animal and thought it was cute. That's why I sent it in.

  9. Hey Libby,
    Thanks for your entries, they're awesome! :)



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