Camp after All

Okay, guess what. You know how I was so sick -- and, okay, I'm not totally better -- but I'm getting betting -- or, at least feeling better right now... Anyway. The point is, I am going to school camp after all!

It goes for a week -- starting today. Well, this morning, actually. It's 7pm now, and I'm obviously still at home. But they just went into the city today, so I don't really mind missing out on that. When we went to pick up my brothers and sisters though, and my friends came over and stuff, well, I just had to go. And I am. :)

Starting tomorrow, a week of fun.. or totrure, depends on how you look at it :) ...I'm counting on fun, lolz. I've never been on camp, so I have no idea what it'll be like... but please pray for me, and that I don't get sick -- or that I don't get really sick tonight and can't go tomorrow; that'd be soo horrible! LOL

Ohh, and this means I can't post for a whole week :( ...Arggghh! How will I survive?! I'll miss you, blogger friends... =')

OHH -- and feel free to keep coming by during the week! Comment! That way, there'll be a lot for me to catch up on when I get back... and that's a good thing, lolz :)

When I get back, I'll have a lot of good things to tell you, I'm sure... I'll miss you all so much! =')

I think that's all I had to say..



  1. Hey Emii,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :D I am glad you are feeling better! And I hope you have a great time! I am praying for you, sister! :D

    Btw, this year I went to camp for the first time too, but it was a church youth camp. I also was sick right before! I had Chicken Pox! So, I had scabs all over me all through camp! LOL.

    Love in Christ,
    Buttercup :D

  2. good 4 u! hope u have fun, altho i'd rather not go to skool @ all! but i like reading and english. but social studies? ick!

    blessings and prayers,
    anna :)

  3. oh, and emii, i was wondering how to make the font smaller on the sidebars, as well as the post's date? ur the blog expert, and i culd use some help.

    email me!

    -anna :)

  4. Hi Emii! Thanks for commenting on my blog- I'm gonna follow yours now too. =] And I like your previous post too, I just thought I'd comment all on one lol :)

  5. Hey Anna,
    Yeah, Emii's pretty good with blog stuff. It's nice that we're all helping each other (well you two are anyways, LOL) blogging is great.
    Oh, and Emii, have fun!

  6. Hey... Thanks for featuring me on Blog of the week, Emii!! I appreciate it! :)

  7. When were you going to be back again? lol


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