Book Review ~ Allie McGregor's True Colours

"Allie McGregor's list of problems is longer than movie credits. House renovations have forced Allie to share her room with mouse-loving little sister, Sarah. Her dad, Will, calls Allie 'The Hormonal One' during his popular radio program. Her brother, Riley, is just plain gross. Her best friend Lou is fighting with Allie's new friend, Romy. Oh, and Allie's mum has cancer."

When I first picked this book up at the library, I thought it would be like one of those little girl books; after all, I'd picked it up in the Junior section.

But as I read on, I realized this book was not what I'd judged it to be.

Teenager Allie McGregor learns that in life, you have choices. Sometimes you make the right choice; sometimes you don't.

Her life is tough; Allie isn't sure who her true friends are, her mum is getting frail and weak from the chemo, her brothers and sisters just won't leave her alone -- and her dad seems to love making fun of her.

Even though Allie makes some wrong choices -- many good things happen because of it. When I say "Good" I don't mean she made any money, or got a boyfriend -- actually, she lost a guy who she liked because she was innocent.
I don't want to give anything away, but in the end, Allie realizes what she needs to do to be her true self; to show her true colours.

You have to read this book; I highly reccommend it.

And you know what? You can find this book at your local library; so I think it'd be a great book for our book study; which starts...hmm, how about on Wednesday, for us Australian's? That'd be Tuesday for American's, I'm pretty sure :)

Awesome! So, check out the book, and see what you think!



  1. what study? sounds like a good book!

  2. This book isn't in my local library, including Koorong. So, I wont be able to get it. And I dont mean to be mean or anything... But i would rather not read it for reasons I wont say. Thanks.

  3. Hey Buttercup,
    Here is a link to the study, telling you all about it.. ignore the things such as the date, as it obviously didn't start when I said :)


    And Libby --
    It wouldn't be at Kooring, because it's not a Christian book -- but it should be at your library...

    It's a really good book...


  4. That post I did sounded mean... sorry. It's just... when I read what it was about and stuff... well, I won't explain for confusing reasons. Anyways.. if it's not a Christian book, why should we do it because it's meant to be a Christian study we're going to do.

  5. Wow that book sounds really good. And your right life does get tough and sometimes making the right choices can be hard. And I think I will read that book

  6. it does sound like a good book, altho i do sort of prefer Christian fiction...okay, mostly Melody Carlson, Nancy Rue, and Robin Jones Gunn, but anyways :) i'll have to check it out and c if my library has a copy...i might as well give it a chance. "dont judge a book by its cover!" lol :D

  7. Lol, yeah I prefer Melody Carlson and stuff too... but it's good to read other stuff, too -- Nancy just said that somewhere on her blog, I'm pretty sure :D


  8. It is, but you see some of Liana's post on Nancy Rue's old posts, and how she only wants to read Christian books and she explains more. i totally agree with her.
    But, how you said like, tough things in life or something, I wish it was Christian because thats where God would totally come in. Thats why I reckon -- to build up our Christian faith -- we need to have Christian influence. Christian books. Christian movies. Christian music. You might say it's because we need to know whats out in the world is why you're readig this book, but we already do, right? We dont NEED to know more because we already DO know it without even trying.

    I did a comment on Nancy Rue's post you can check out if you want ..

  9. Like the comment matches what I'm trying to say...

  10. I kinda agree with Libby, it should be a group decision about the bible study. Its not really a bible study if you don't study the Bible, but it is your blog Emmi. Maybe somehow you can put God into your study if your really set on this book. If not, maybe take a poll and make sure your not the only one who wants this book. I don't think I am doing the study, but I just wanted to give my opinion, and help Libby. Really. I do Libby. I really want a chance. Because the Bible states to forgive others and so God will forgive you in Heaven. God DIED on the cross for the worlds sins, which are way worse than me giving my opinion and saying things I didn't mean. God forgives everyone. And if your a true Christian, you would forgive me because I already asked for forgivness. I non-christian would not ask for forgiveness. And if you ignore this again, and never forgive me, think about the Bible. I know I didn't say some nice things but we both had our ups and downs and I want to at least rest and be forgiven.
    Thanks, think about it, the Bible, vereses, by GOD, and let me know.

  11. sorry, I meant A non-christian in there.

  12. Oh and Emii, I am sorry I realized you already had a poll I am so sorry I didn't realize it about the book study. Good luck everyone!

  13. Hmm, I've been lookin' 4 some good reads. Thx 4 the review.

  14. Sounds like a good book. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the awesome review!

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  18. I read this book and it was really good. Try it and if you don't won't to thats ok it's your choice, but you could read it and apply how her life could have been better if she was a christian


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