Things we haven't talked about lately...

Hey girlz,
There are some things I'd like you to comment on, if you can.

1) What's something you'd like to learn -- something you'd like me to post on?

2) Remember the "Blogging Devotion"? (If you don't, click Here.) Well, we haven't decided what series of books/devotion we'll be using. Real Life, by Nancy Rue, could be good, although it's not in stores yet. Are there any other ideas/suggestions?

3) How do you think I could improve my blog? Or do you like it the way it is? :)

Oh, and one more thing -- Very soon, I'll start giving out some Blog Awards! So, keep coming back, because you never know -- there could be one for YOU!



  1. Oh my, emii! that button is excatly what I was going to make as Prism's blog button!!!!!!

  2. this is so crazy. I was going to do blog award tomorrow. lol! wow. hehe.
    I have to go, but I'll answer those questions tomorrow

  3. P.s. Emii, would you be upset? You and I had the same ideas and did our stuff at the same time without knowing it.. we both made a blog designing blog and we didn't know it!!

  4. hey emii! i like your blog just the way it is, although it could use some color in the middle. a different background maybe? oh, and i was wondering...wannna make me a blog button 4 my "kickin it" blog?

  5. Love the botton!

    If you're doing a blogging devotion, maybe you could check out some things from Beth Moore. I can't give you an exact book of hers to use, but Beth Moore is definitely one of my favorites! Also, my sister did a devotion with her friends at our house. The devotion was called Generation Esther by Lisa Ryan. It was really good! Just a suggestion.

    I think your blog is very nice! I don't want you to "improve" it. :)

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~

  6. Hey Libby,
    Haha, really?! No, I don't mind :)

    Hey Anna,
    Sure, I'd love to make you one :)

    Hey Eldarwen,
    Thanks, and I'll check her books out! :)

  7. Hey Anna.
    I already made you a blog button... you can check it out on my girls of hope blog..

  8. Yeah, I thought you did, too :) Sorry bout that, Libby! :) She can use yours -- I mean, you did ask first and you have already made :) LOL, looks like there's a lot of blog buttoning going on... Check out my new design blog, I changed the url -- http://justagirldesigns.blogspot.com/ ...there's an award there! :)


  9. Hey Emii,
    Yeah lol
    Okay, I will!

  10. Hey! I think you could maybe add a little more color to the blog too. maybe a new background i agree :)! gtg I will answer more later.

  11. Libby, I just did the post then, I don't know if you've already been.. LOL!


  12. I saw it! Thank you so much! it's awesome!!

    I don't think this blog need anything extra. i LOVE it!!
    Oh, and Emii, how would I be able to get the code of chelsea's button? it's awesome, great job!
    libby xXxx

  13. oh sorry. i wasnt that clear. i meant 4 my main blog, sisters in the savior. i love the one you made me libby! im sure zoey likes it too...lol :)

  14. i accidently said kickin it instead...oops...:s

  15. and by the way, how do u make blog buttons...i really want to try it out 4 myself! they look great emii and libby. the ones u've made so far, that is.

    in Christ, anna :)

  16. Hey Anna,
    Lol that's fine :)
    Anna, I'm going to email you the whole code so you can put it on your blog with the grab box if you like the button so yeh,, I'll email soon :)

    Umm, well, download photoshop (that's what I use, and it's so awesome) it seems hard to use it at first but it's pretty easy. Then you have to get a photobucket account, and that gives you the code and all. That's it! At first I was like really confused, but you get the hang of it :)

    Oh, and emii, thanks for putting th girls of hope button on there, but,, is the X box and code below coming from that because I'll fix it if it is..

    Libby xox

  17. Oh, and about the book study thingie-ma-bob..

    I was thinking.. why dont we study Nama Beach High book one (it's got a really good lesson -- listening.. you know, I though that was pretty cool) and then, if Nancy Rue's new teen books are out when we're done with it, we can go on to them.


  18. Hey Libby and girlz
    I think that's a great idea -- the 'Nama Beach Books are pretty awesome... what does everyone else think? Then, like Libby said, we go onto nancy's new book series when we're finished... :)


  19. EMII, I made a blog award and posted it on my design blog,, lol

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