Sunday Snapshots

Hey Girlz,
I've recently decided photography is pretty fun, so here it is -- a new addition to Girlz 4 God :)


  1. Hey Cool Pics Emii, are volleys liek tennis shoes??

  2. Hey Meredith,
    Thanks :) Hmm, I think they might be... but everyone here wears them -- well, most people -- so they're sort of everyday wear now, lolz :)


  3. Nice pics, Emii! Btw, I LOVE the one you took of the flowers!! They are so pretty!

  4. Great pictures! Love them! Hmm, they look sorta like these shoes called Converse that EVERYONE wears where I live.

  5. Hey Emii!
    Awesome pictures!
    I LOVE photography and I really want to be a photographer when I get older :)

  6. Hey Maggie,
    Yeah, people wear converse around here a lot, too -- but not as much as the used to, because of volley's, LOL.

    Hey Emma,
    Thamks! Oh, I just had a great idea -- you should post your photos on your blog! :)

    Hey Chelsea,
    Thanks, I love that one, too :)


  7. Hey Emii! I've awarded you on my blog! Check it out at:


    I love your blog!!!

    Well, later!

  8. Hey, can you please pray for my mum as well? she's having surgery on something near her eye and will be gone alllllllllll day, and I mean allllllllll day. please, please poray for wisdom and that everything will go well, and nothing will go wrong with her eye or anything. please, please, pelase pray!! thanks!

  9. hey emii, i was wondering if u wuld do the 3 column background thing 4 me. every time i try i do it wrong! :( i'll give u my password and email so u can do it, cuz i know you won't do anything bad (since u r a girl 4 God and all)...so?

    yay or nay?

    i dont mind if u dnt want to!

    thx and LYLASITS,
    anna :)

    ps: i posted more on zoey! :) thoy u uld wanna no

  10. OH!!! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I'm so glad you do to!!!!


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