Randomness Friday

Welcome to my first Randomness Friday post, girlz! Created by Prism, it's a time of randomness...

♥ Okay, so I have absolutely noo idea about what to write! I'm just going to type as fast as I can think, and see what kind of random words come off my fingertips.. Lol.  Umm..

Breakfast! I'll ramble on about breakfast. Usually I have cereal, but my brother always gets up before me, and he leaves the milk out on the table which really annoys me -- because the milk isn't cold. Grr. I always tell him to put it away after he's finished, but does he? Uh, no.

Okay, enough of breakfast. That's boring. How about... school.

So. My friend are awesome. Yeah... lol. I hate science, it's soo boring. And I'm reallyyy bad at maths -- I got a D+ on my last test. Uh, yeah, Emii -- nice. Ohh, well. I got good grades in english =D
Of course, my favourite class is lunch. Duh. Yeah..

Okay, new subject. Music.

Taylor Swift is awesome, we all know that... I ♥ Fifteen, it's an awesome song... and I ♥ Should've Said no... and I ♥ them all!!!!!

I ♥ The Climb by Miley Cyrus, and I think that Party in the Usa is prettyyy awesome, too :)

Next subject: Books.

Okay, so right now I ♥ Melody Carlsons books. You HAVE to check them out -- The Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the True Colors series -- read them!! I ♥ them!!

Woww,, there's a lot of hearts in this post, lol. ♥  <----  Awesome, right? Hehe, yepp.

Ohh, I forgot to TELL YOU! Lol, okay, so it's not THAT exciting -- I'm on school holildays.. or "vacation", for you Americans =P  I have like, 10 days left -- and then what? School camp! I can't wait! I've actually never been on school camp, so it should be pretty awesome :):):)

Is there anything else I need to catch you up on? Ooh, I'll post a pic of out cat, Jimmy-Jay.. Well, his names Jimmy, but Jim-Jay is my nickname for him :)

Hehe, he kind of looks like a cat-model in the pic below.. what IS a cat model? Lol :)



  1. lol, I wish my puppy would pose for pictures, hes more of an action shots kind of dog.:)

  2. emii-

    hey! um i was wondering what template you use. i have a 3-column back ground, but i still only have 2 columns. ur a blog expert...can you help me?

    thx in advance,
    anna :)

  3. COol post on random stuff!
    awesome. cute cat!


  4. Hey Anna,
    There is a tutorial, at the cutest blog on the block -- that tells you how to convert your blog from 2column to 3 column.

    Here's the link:

    Remember, follow the directions exactly... :)


  5. Awesome post, Emii! Btw, your cat is SO cute!! I hope that school camp goes well and that you have fun. Have a great week!
    <3 Chelsea

  6. hey i got your comment on my blog and i replied to it.

    Your cat is so pretty! he's a good cat model :)

  7. I have read ALL of the Melody Carlson books! They are so totally awesome! Love your blog.


  8. Hey,
    Yes Alex I know, they are the best! :) And thxx :)



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