~Mini-Interview~ Melody Carlson!!!

Hey, girlz! I promised you something pretty awesome, and here it is... an interview with Melody Carlson!

Melody is the author of many books/series for teenagers, including the "Diary of a Teenage Girl" series, the "True Colors" series, the "Secret Life of Samantha McGregor" series, the "Carter House" series -- and much, MUCH more! To go to her website, click HERE.

Before you read the interview, I just want to thank Melody for taking the time to answer these questions -- I know you're really busy! :)

So, start reading... (Unless you already have =P)

In the DOATG series, are the girls' diaries based on your own teenage experiences/diaries?

The main Diary characters (Caitlin, Chloe, Kim and Maya) though diverse, all have parts of me in them--some like Caitlin have more...whereas Kim was inspired by someone else. Also, some of the events in the stories are reflective of real life occurances. It's hard to avoid reality's influence on fiction. Hopefully that's what makes fiction seem more real. I know I get pulled in.

-How do you get the knowledge to write in all these different perspectives -- famous people, every-day lives, fashionistas... and all the things that happen in the True Color series?

Some books require more research than others--like the one I just finished for my new On the Runway series (which releases next year). It's set in Paris and involves a lot of French fashion/designers etc.. Fortunately researching is easier than ever thanks to the internet--I love having access to interactive maps and other resources. Also, like in some of the issues-driven TrueColors stories, I try to observe and talk to people who've experienced the problem first hand.

-If you could write a book, and everyone in the world would be able to read it in some form -- what would it be about? What message would you take across?

I'd try to write a story that really pulled in my reader and then I'd try to show how important forgiveness is--both to give and receive. Grace is probably the most common sub theme in my books.

-The Bible verse that relates to you the most.. the verse that calls, "Yeah. That's me." ?

John 3:16 -- God loves the world SO MUCH he gave his only son so that ANYONE who believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. That's my paraphrase, but I love that verse because it's so inclusive. Jesus invites everyone and anyone to participate in his life. I try to communicate that in my books too.

-What does the WEIRDEST looking house you've ever seen look like?!

Hmm...it might be "Mad Kind Ludwig's" castle in Bavaria Germany (Neuschwanstein) -- the king might've been crazy, but he was also a genius designer and way ahead of his time. Or else it might be the "Crookest House in the World" that I saw as a child, located in the California Redwood forest and every surface was crazy crooked and things would seem to roll uphill.

Did you enjoy that? I sure hope so, because another mini-interview by a different author is coming SOON to Girlz 4 God!



  1. Wow that was interesting and very good, now I think I'm going to read those books!!

  2. Emii, that's so awesome! How did you get to be able to interview Melody? I'd love to do that with some other authors!

  3. Oh my goodness, Emii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooooooooo cool how you got to have an interview with Melody Carlson!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you get to have an interview with her????

  4. Emii, that's so cool!
    Did you just, like, email the questions and told her what it was for and she replied?
    libby xox

  5. thats kewlidge, emii! how did u interview her? all the deets plz :)
    btw, srry i havent been posting much lately...school started and im waaayyy busy. but now that everything is running smoothly, i think ill be able to blog more often. btw, wanna give my boring blog a makeover??

    -anna :)

  6. oh, and how did u get so many followers? i want to advertise my blog, but im not sure how...

  7. Ahh,I love Melody Carlson's books!!Thanks for putting this interview up!I started reading her books when I was 10 and I love them!!!

  8. Great interview! I enjoyed reading the answers! I've never heard of this author before. I'll check out some of her books! Thanks for sharing Emii! :)


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