Miley Cyrus' Book ~ A Review

Yesterday, I borrowed "Miles to Go" from a friend. "Miles to Go" is the autobiography of Miley Cyrus -- written by, of course, Miley.

For those of you who don't know who she is  -- she plays Miley Stewart, a.k.a Hannah Montana in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana.

Her albums include:

 Hannah Montana Soundrack, released October 21 2006 

MeetMileyCyrus/Hannah Montana 2, released 9 July 2007

Breakout, released 22 July 2008

The Time of our Lives, released 31 August 2009

Miles To Go ~ By Miley Cyrus

Right from the beginning, you see Miley's personality inside her words.  

"Okay, this is gonna be a weird place to start, but I think a lot about my hands"
I mean, I can just see her saying that in an interview or whatever -- can't you?

As you read on, you realize that this pop-sensation is, actually, a 16 year old girl who has a LIFE. She's human.
"Duh", you might be thinking. Yeah, but when you see people performing and everything, you sort of start to think that, just because they've started their job early -- that they can't be like us, that Miley, or Taylor Swift or whoever are way too different and famous to be like us.

But that's so not true. Miley talks about sixth grade, which was like, her worst year EVER.
"In the winter of that year, everyday bought a creative new tactic in Operation Make Miley Miserable."

Throughout the book, Miley talks about auditions for Hannah Montana, her life when she got the role of Hannah/Miley, her family, and her faith.

"...I mean, you know I go to church on Sunday's -- but faith is more than that to me. It's part of who I am, the way I think and how I live my life everyday."

Throughout the book are Bible verses which proved a helpful guide through time when Miley's life was tough.

Psalm 43:5
Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!

This verse came at a time where Miley discovered something with her heart. I guess this verse must've given her the hope that God will help her... well, that God will watch over her, every step of the way...Yeah, that was more optimistic :)

There were also several pages of colour-pictures, which I loved looking at -- a visual glimpse into her home life :)

So, you know I really enjoyed the book. I feel closer to Miley, like I understand her life just that little bit more. I think that's why she wrote the book -- well, at least one reason. So that we could begin to understand her.

So, I seriously reccommend you go to your local library, bookstore or FRIEND and read Miley's book! :)

To go to Miley's pages/sites, click on the following links:
Hope you enjoyed this post!  :)



  1. I will definetly try and read it!

    Abbie =D

  2. Hey Abbie,
    Awesome! I'm sure you'll love it...


  3. Yeah I might read that..it does sound pretty good.

  4. I honestly don't like Miley's singing,but after reading your review,Emii,I might just read it.
    PS:I had no idea she even wrote an autobiography.Thanks,for telling us.

  5. Wow, I didn't know she was a Christian. I had a dream about her once and that she HATED being famous, so I've been praying for her ever since (you might just guess that dream could have been from God -- never know!). I mean, praying if she WAS a Christain that she wouldnt slip away (being famous can do that..) or if she wasn't a Christian at all that she would become one.

    I don't personally like her voice, but her acting is like--wow. I mean, she's a good acter. I don't go to libraries, so do you know any other store I'd be able to get the book from?

    Libby xXx

  6. I'm not a fan of her voice, or acting. But that's just me. I do worry about Miley, a lot. I mean, this book is a few years old, & there's been A LOT of not very good things she's done since then (some being posting pix of herself showing her bra, dressing BADLY, being rude -to random people on her webchats, and so on).
    I pray for her hoping she won't lose track, like being the next Brittany (she said when people tell her she'll be the next Brittany, she takes it as a compliment).
    I pray for a lot of famous people, mostly the younger generation (like Selena -who always talks about God on her Twitter :)- Miley, Demi & more).

  7. Hey girlz,
    :):) I happen to love Miley's voice :):) But we all have our opinionns... :)

    And, actually, the book was just published this year,Lexi :)

    And it is a really awesome book... I think it is, anyway. And everyone I know whose read it thinks the same thing.. :)


  8. Oh, and Libby -- you could probably get it online, or a shop like Target -- OR a bookstore... :)


  9. I've heard that she's a Christian, but if you look at her performing, "Party in the U.S.A" On the teen choice awards, you'll think exactly the opposite. Just sayin.'

  10. I read it this past spring andthought it was pretty good.

  11. Hey Meredith,
    I'm glad you thought so :) Oh, and you American's probably would've gotten it before the rest of us, so it's a bit older there... :)


  12. some of the things she duz arent very Christ-like...like the vanity fair picture. ever heard of keeping yourself for your husband??? i mean, that was BAD. and im not trying to judge or anything, cuz like her song says "Everybody makes mistakes. everybody has those days." and i do have those days, and i mess up A LOT. but still, if shes such a strong Christian, why didnt she do Christian music...jw...

  13. Hello!
    I think everyone has an opinion, and they should be allowed to share it, which is what everyone on here is doing.
    I am glad everyone has an opinion.
    I wish my friend would let me share it.
    Its hard. But you know, I think opinions are what make us special as individuals. and every1 is allowed to share them.
    But I am going to check out this book, I saw it today!

    Thanks for the post Emii.

  14. Hey guest,
    You're totally right -- everyone does have an opinion -- and that rokz :) Hey, awesome. I hope you enjoy the book!


  15. hey emii i really don't like miley cryus but this was an interesting post i never knew she was a christian and you would never be able to tell by the songs she sings but that's interesting i wish i could tell her that she's a really big roll model to young girls and if she is really a true christian she should show it by her songs and how she dresses


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