The Blogging Devotion

Hey girlz,
The Blogging Devotion is Girlz 4 God's something I've been trying to get going for a little while, but I've finally decided on the details -- with your help, that is :) Oh, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about -- go to this post Here. (Keeping in mind, some details have been changed!)

We'll start of with the 'Nama Beach High book 1, by Nancy Rue.
If you don't have book 1 in this series, then you could either buy them, borrow them from a library or from a friend. Or any other source you can think of!

If we all enjoy it, we can move onto book 2. If not -- we'll start on a new book/series. :)

Suggestions made by me & you for other studies:

- Christy Miller & other books from Robin Jones Gunn.
- Nancy Rue's new series that comes out soon -- Real Life.
- Marsha Hubbler's series, Keystone Stables

We'll begin the Blogging Devotion on September 30th. That's September 29th for American's. I'm not sure about any other places... just google it =P
If your unavailable that day, that's okay, too.

You can read as much or as little as you want -- but on this blog, the study will be written according to the chapter we're up too... starting with chapter 1 :)

There'll be some awards, too...
Awards will be awarded for creative answers, following the study whenever I post, and whatever else I decide deserves an award! Please note, there will be no awards you will be able to hold in your hand, (Unless you print it out!) Because I will not be asking for addresses or phone no.'s or anything.)

Everyone can participate --
If you read this blog,  but don't comment,  you can still participate, of course. You might want to comment your anwers so others can read them, and learn about what you think and have to say -- but you could write them down anywhere...

I'll be posting once or twice a week at this stage.

I made a blog button, It'd be great if you could take it to spread the word about "The Blogging Devotion" ...thanks! :)

I hope this gave you some info, girlz! :)



  1. Hey Emii,
    Awesome! So we're starting with Nama Beach High book 1?
    p.s. do you mean, you'll ONLY be posting once or twice a week? or be posting about the devotion, once or twice a week?

  2. Hi Emii!!!!
    Sorry I have not had the time to comment but I WILL HOPEFULLY READ THE BOOK
    Okay Bye

  3. Emii,
    I wrote a post on how to make blinkies...

  4. Hey Libby,
    I mean I'll be posting 'bout the book thing once or twice. I'll be blogging a few times a week, like usual.. :)

    Hey Hannah,
    That's okay :) That'd be awesome if you could...


  5. Emmi,
    I was going to read it but I looked on the library website and THEY DON'T HAVE IT!!!!!!! Ohhh well,maybe next time :)

  6. i think thats because its a christian book. maybe you could find it at a Christian book store, hannah

  7. Actually my library has the christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series.

  8. Emii-
    Thanks for checking out my blog! I LOVE yours. so is this going to be like a "book club"?

  9. Oh, wow, that's doesn't happen in the libraries where I live. 'Nama Beach High IS an older book, and I found it hard to get it in a Christian bookstore. Did you ask at the counter?

  10. Hey Alex,
    Yeah, it's going to be something like that. I haven't planned every minor detail -- obviously =), but we're going to be reading the same book and then talking about it and stuff. So, yeah. A book club, LOL :)

    Hey Libby,
    Yeah, they don't have Christian books in our libraries.. :(
    You should find them in Christian book shops, Hannah, like Libby said. :)


    OH, and girlz, I found another series -- by Melody Carson -- about these girls. It's a Faithgirlz series, and I've only read the first book -- but it seems pretty awewsome, and it's cool for both tweens and tweens.. not that we're all that different! :)


  11. oops! I knew there was something i forgot!!! =P the series is called 622 Harbour View :)


  12. I looked it up and... idk, it doesn't look that awesome, but I might be wrong lol
    whats it about?
    libby xox

  13. hey libby,
    it's about these girls -- morgan, carlie, amy and emily. they live in a "trailor camp" (us australians call it a caravan park, lolz). some of them are poor, some of their parents like living there, and some have no where else to go. like i said, i've only read the first book -- but i enjoyed it, and i love the cover.. all melody carlson's covers are awesome LOL :)


  14. Ummmmm,
    No,I didn't ask the front desk but they do have a website and it's not there sooooo.....
    Ohhhh I've read some of the 622 Harbor view books,annnnnnnd my library HAS them!!!!!!!

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    And would you like to tell people about it?

  16. Hey Emii! :) Thanks for commenting on my blogs! :)
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    I would be more than happy to make a header and background for you! :) My email is : laneymac2@gmail.com

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    I'm gonna be honest here....I've never made a background for a three column template, but I think I'll be able to figure it out :)

    By the way, I love your blog! I was reading your profile and we have a lot in common!



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