A Blog Award!

I was given a Blog Award from Maggie. and Emily and Libby.Thanks, Maggie, Emily & Libby! You should all check out their blogs, btw -- they're so awesome!

Okay, now I have to share 10 Honest Things about myself...here I go :)

  1. I just got a purple electric guitar, and I'm going to take lessons!

  2. Maths is one of my favourite  Least favourite subjects.

  3. Summer is my favourite season :):)

  4. I've never eaten sushi.

  5. I've moved houses about 15 times in my life-time.

  6. I love to read -- especially books by Melody Carlson, Nancy Rue & Robin Jones Gunn.

  7. I use a whole journal/diary in 2 months...=P

  8. I've been dreaming about the internet for the last week. Literally. I think I have a problem! One morning, I was like, "Yes, I didn't dream about it!" and then I realized I was talking to Ally on MSN in it... *sigh*

  9. I'm a terrible seller on Ebay -- I never sell anything! :)

  10. I go by brand -- I like the Pura milk, not the home-brand! =P

Award this to 5 people who's blog design/content you admire or who have encouraged you, and inform them of their win and of the rules of this award.

  1. Libby -- I know you already got this award from Maggie, but this one is for your Girls of Hope blog :) Libby's blog is a place to learn about God and learn how to do things that will make us closer to Him in our relationships...
  2. Rachael -- I love your blog, the look -- and the inspirational and encouraging posts!
  3. Abbie --  You're a girl who loves having fun -- and guess what? She was my first blog commenter!
  4. Chelsea -- Chelsea's blog is awesome, and even though she doesn't post often because of school, when she does, her posts are well-thought out, and... honest!
  5. Emily Shae -- Emily, I love your blog, and your posts are so...true. sincere. full of...grace :) 

 Thanks again, Maggie, Emily & Libby!



  1. Your welcome! I love your blog, and you so diserved the award! I was very excited when I saw you were following my blog! I love reading you blogs so it was great to have a person whose blog I love to read follow my blog. lol, as I have said before, it takes very little to make me happy. :)

  2. Purple elctric guitar? Cool! Math is one of my least favorite subjects too! =P

    I should do that(10 things)on my blog! If you'd let me, I mean.. Maybe tomorrow since I just did a new post!

    Love in Christ,

    Abbie =D x0x

  3. Hey Emii,
    Wow! That's so awesome that you got a purple electric guitar!!! I bet that you'll have so much fun taking lessons too. You'll have to tell me about them! Btw, sushi, in my opinion, is really gross! You might not want to try it! Great post, btw!! Have a great week!
    <3 Chelsea

  4. Thanks for the sweet words that you wrote about my blog!!!! That was really nice of you, Emii and I really honestly don't think that I deserved them. Because, when you think about it, what Jesus did for us is more wonderful than words can say. And, we often give people more credit and praise than we give God. He deserves everything we have and yet He doesn't force us to love and serve Him. He gives us a choice. And that is what I LOVE about our God! Have a great week, Emii!
    <3 Chelsea

  5. Hey Emii,

    Thanks heaps!! I already know who I'm going to award, lol. I'll post about it soon!

    Libby xox

    Chelsea--I totally agree, ur so right. He should get the credit. IN fact, I'm going to award him when I post on this!!


  6. Thank you for saying what you did about my blog! It gives me a boost of encouragement. Thank you so much for the award :)

  7. nice one, i just added a lot of some other new emo backgrounds 2 my blog


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