The Production

Today is the first performance of my school's production, "Annie". You know, the musical. Yeah.
I dreamed about it all night, after being at school last night until 9pm, practicing. And after about 6 months of rehearsing, it's time. And to be perfectly honest, I don't know how good it's gonna be. But hopefully we'll be better by the time tomorrow night, for the final performance..ohh, I can't believe it's TODAY. That is so weird...

When your on the stage, the lights are so bright, and just thinking about being onstage is making me nervous! I mean, we had a dress rehearsal last night...

Yesterday. We get to school at 9am, go to the multi-purpose center, and practicing going through it with the orchestra, including songs. Minus the acting and the stage, though. We don't get through Act 2 by recess time (We started with Act 2 instead of Act 1, because it needs the most work), and after recess we continue. By the time it's lunch time, we still haven't gotten around to finishing the act.. although we're close.

After lunch, our director tells us we're going to have a run-through of the show. With all the lighting and stuff -- I think it's called a "Tech Run". So, the plan is to get through the whole show before homeroom, which is 2 hours -- the length that the show will run for.

But by the time it's 3:30 or whatever, you know what? Scene 1, which I'm not in -- had hardly started! Yeah, disaster.

We kept going, until we had tea at 7pm. I don't know HOW far we got...
At about 7:30, we got dressed in costumes for the dress rehearsal. We were starting with Act 2, the director decided, because if we started with Act 1, he told us, we wouldn't get to Act 2. Which is kind of a worry, really.

We finished Act 2 (We ran overtime) and didn't get to do Act 1. Which is annoying. Because the production is TODAY. Our first performace is in front of primary school students (From different schools), which is good...

And now I'm pretty nervous, even though I don't have that many lines... !!! :S:S !!!

Well, I'm gonna go get some rest before I have to get ready for school... be thinking of me, puh-lease!!!! :) :S



  1. oh Emi, I'm so sorry for you... it sounds like things are not working out the best at the moment. But you know what? God has a plan - He has you in his hands and He is NEVER going to let to let you fall. NEVER! Trust in Him and it will be okay - no matter how dodgy the performance is (I'm sure you will do great and be beautiful!)
    xoxoxo lots of love

  2. Hey emii,

    I know EXCATLY how you feel. I've been in heaps of musicals, plays, etc. I was in The Sound of Music once, and I was Grettle (is that how it's spelt?),, yeah, I was young at the time and didn't think about those kind of things you posted, but when we're older... it changes. which is annoying.

    I saw your post on Nancy Rue's blog, and I was actually wondering if you were going to post about it on this blog :) glad you did because I'll be praying and thinking about you! I know how you feel!

    I'll pray all goes well. tell us how it goes!!

    luv ya,

  3. Ouch, Em. So, btw, what part did you get?

  4. You'll do great! When I was a junior (11th grade) in high school, my high school did that play. My friend Hannah was the star Annie. I think it's because she was short enough and looked like a little kid. But she's also a good actress and excellent singer. She's amazing! Likewise, I'm sure you'll be amazing too! Just have faith in God and in yourself. You'll do great!

  5. Hey girlz,
    Thanks for the encouragement! The first show, this afternoon -- went pretty well! :)

    Lets hope the one this evening is good, too..!!


  6. hey emii,

    that's great!! yeah, I'll still be praying for you :) how many performances are you doing?


  7. Hey Libby,
    All up, we're doing four perfomances... 2 today, 2 tomorrow... me and my sister have to leave in about 15 minutes to get ready for today's second show... thanks for praying, we need it.. :)


  8. I feel bad for you, Emii!! It doesn't sound like this whole production thing is going very well for you. I'll be praying! Btw, what part did you get in the production?

  9. Good Luck I hope that alll of you do great!!


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