Song: Pink Curtain

Hey. Here's another song I wrote, the other day...

Pink Curtain
There I am.
Wishing that I
Could just burst out
What I gotta say
Something inside me
Holds it all in

Here I am
On the inside of my
Own Pink Curtain
Seems to be
Holding me

Take a deep breath
You have got to do this
You got a voice. But can it be heard?
Reach out. Release yourself...
From this
Pink Curtain

Now it’s my turn
To say my line
But will I
Find the strength
To move beyond

My own Pink Curtain

Cuz deep down I know
If I don’t open it now
The show’s gonna crash down...

And I’ll be here, wondering
What if I’d opened the curtain?
What if I’d played my role?
Yeah. I gotta say my line


But this is me
I gotta find the right time
To peek through
My Pink Curtain

Now you’ve caught a glimpse
Of the world outside
Open up a little more
Even you don’t know
What you have in store...

People are there. Watching, Waiting
For you
To reveal
Your line
Your role

And now, I'm ready
To give it all I got,
To live my life
For Him.

When I was writing this, I was watching one of the rehearsals from the Annie production. But, as you may have realized, this song isn't just about acting. It's about... becoming yourself. Coming out. Letting everyone know who you are. Don't be shy.

It's like, God created each of us, with a purpose (See HERE). He gave each of us a role in life. Not a fake role. A REAL role. We're not supposed to take someone else's role, somebody's elses line. It's about being us. It's about being YOU. Opening up, taking a step.

Beyond your own pink curtain.

Oh, and you might be wondering -- where did I get the title "Pink Curtain"? I randomely thought of it one morning before school, while I was doing something with my sister -- and she was like, "And what's the song called?". I looked around, as you do -- and saw the curtain in front of me. And I just thought of "Pink", randomely -- and decided to write a song :)



  1. cool cool cool Emii! Thanks for sharing that with us... you are such a great writer!
    <3 rach

  2. LOVE the song,Emii.You're a pretty good songwriter.Jesus bless.

  3. Hi Emii,
    Nice! I think that sounds good... :) Awesome work!
    Jessica~ @ www.faithforgirls.blogpsot.com

  4. Great song!! Love it :)
    p.s. Are your siblings step siblings? I dont know if you said in one of your posts or it was a dream I had last night. I am SOOO confused :P Libby xox

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    And Libby, no, they're no step siblings... :) LOL, must've been ur dream! :P


  6. Hey emii! I don't know if you remember me, but this is Luci from Tween You and Me! I like to write songs, too! So I was wondering if maybe we could write a song together? Maybe I could set up a website or something for us to do it. Let me know! TTYL

  7. Hey Luci,
    That sounds like an awesome idea! Maybe we could get some other people involved, too.. :)


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