Hey :) So, over the weekend, my room was given.. a make-over! AND -- I took "before" and "after" pixx...


So, I had one of those bunkers bed things -- you know, where you have the desk, and the bed on top? Yeah. But it made my room really small,, because it's so big! Plus there's two bookshelves on the side.. which you can't see,, because that photo didn't work out :(


These are the after pixx -- new paint colour, new bed, one bookshelf, the books I don't read on that top shelf, the books I love in the bookshelf,, along with a lot of myself.. and the desk-in-the-closet! Hehe :P

It's not TOTALLY finished -- I'm gonna get some new stuff to go with it :)
..Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself :)
..Now I can enjoy it -- it was finished when I got home from school :):):)

*EDIT* -- I was wondering why the black borders weren't going round my photos in the sidebar -- they're in my posts! Ohh, well.. :)


  1. whoa, that's so cool! I was expecting it to be like, before, as messy, after as clean. lol. luv ur bed!

  2. hey libby,
    lol! yeah, that wouldnt've been much of a makeover.. :P tho i do love a clean room!!


  3. wow! that's really awesome Emii! well done... you will have to post your 'top 10 tips for bedroom makeovers...' lol...
    <3 Rach

  4. yeah, I can't stand messy rooms. thats me though. when i was little, I just, like, didn't have a clean room! you couldnt even walk in it! it was SO bad! anyways, not long after that--amazingly--i turned into this CLEAN person. I couldnt stand a messy room AT ALL. not even like shoes on the floor. okay, not THAT bad, but like, I just had to have things organized. my lil' sis is like that now too! (except that she still hasn't passed the messy part)...

    libby xox

  5. Sooo Cute Emii, like Libby I thought that it would be messt and then clean. Personlly Im a neat freak.

  6. Your room is so cool! Like Hannah said it's also super cute! Have a great week! Enjoy your new and improved room!

  7. WOW! I love yoyr room! And it matches your blog too - purple and green! =P

    Abbie =D

  8. I'm glad u love it, girlz! Thanks!
    I'm trying really hard to be NEAT and ORGANIZED!!!! :P

    And Abbie -- you're totally right! They're my favourite colours :)



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