Random Tag :)

Hey. So, I've seen quite a few of those "tagging" things going around -- that I thought I'd make my own!

So, I'm sure most of you have figured out how these work -- you read through my answers to these questions I've made up (well, you don't have to -- but I think that's kinda the idea, to learn thing about people you probably otherwise would never know!) Then at the bottom, I'll say something like, "I tag people ______ ______". And then, if that applies to you -- then you copy and paste the answers (Or type them out, if you think you have too much time on your hands!).

random thing's bout me
1. Who are your two favourite singers? Taylor Swift and, yes, Miley Cyrus! (Just recently..)

2. Your second favourite outfit? My skinny jeans, volley's, a random t-shirt, and this grey jacket.

3. Your FAVOURITE outfit? The same as above, but trackies instead of skinny's :P

4. The Bible verse you think about the most? Hmm. That's a pretty hard question.. especially
considering I made it up! I think that the one I think about the most is Psalm 4:8, " I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, o Lord, make me dwell in safety." Because I don't think that it applies only to when you're going to sleep.

Cuz God is always with us, keeping us safe. Of course, another reason I probably said this one is because I memorized it. There is one at the back of my mind, about God always being with us.. that's the one I think about the most, except I don't even know where that is :S

5. What's your favourite series of books? The Diary of a Teenage Girl, by Melody Carlson. Although I do love several other series -- it's soo annoying when you can only choose one!

6. What's your favourite type of Bible? Defitely "The Message". I seriously reccommend it!

7. What are you going to do after you finish this tag? Get ready for school.. I'm running late!

8. What was the last thing you did? Well, I just got ready for school... so, brushed my teeth! Which means that, truthfully, I didn't get to finish this tag before I get ready for school.. :P

9. Would you rather be rich or famous? Personally (And, uhh, that's what it's supposed to be, lol)..Rich. It'd be so much more of a "normal" life. You'd have the pleasures/opportunities of a famous person -- well, without the movies and stuff -- without having everyone scruitinizing (not sure how you spell it..!) your every move.

10. The last movie you watched? The Hannah Montana Movie :)

AND -- I tag all GIRLZ! :)

Btw -- what do you think of my new signature? Did it work?!


  1. First of all, love the new signature, and second, darn. I just got tagged...:P

  2. Hey, thanks..
    And hehe :P


  3. Cool tag! I'll have to post about it on my blog. Have a great week!
    P.s. Awesome signature!!!:)

  4. Cool Signature Emii but it was hard to see, maybe you could do it in a darker color. :)

  5. hey girlz,
    thx! and meredith -- yeah, i thought the same thing :)


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