Eventual Healing..

About an hour ago, I was deciding whether to take my laptop out of my room, into the lounge by the heater -- or keep it in my room, like it normally is.

I went for the more enjoyable option.

I was sitting on this chair thing,, when it toppled over. So, I then toppled over, too. And you guessed it -- the laptop came too.

I was in shock. How could this HAPPEN to my laptop? It was just a normal Friday afternoon, when it broke. A normal laptop.

Mum & Dad had a look. The screen wasn't coming on. I ran to my room,, in tears. How could this of happened, to me? To my laptop? I was just so not expecting this.

I climbed up to my bed, and cried. And thought. As I realized the things I'd no longer be able to do, the writing, the photos stored on it -- I cried.

And I thought, "I'm crying this much over a laptop. How would I ever feel if a person I loved died?"

Then I realized that, even though I was really sad about the sudden "Death" of my laptop -- it wasn't the end of the world. (And no, I didn't tell myself it'd gone to "Computer Heaven")

I'd be totally free to do things like write in my diary,, sleeping in -- without knowing I could be on my laptop, blogging, instead.

But you know what? Even though that sounded nice and all -- my life is not the same without all you blogger friends. I need the encouragment and words you all give me.

And then, while I was on my bed, crying -- Dad came in. And you know what? He'd fixed my laptop for me. I couldn't believe it. I'd thought it was dead. And it had been. At least, it hadn't been turning on.

Even though some of the damage -- like little bumps, and stuff -- will probably never leave, the laptop is still here.

Now, this post so far will probably sound really dumb. But I have a reason for posting this. Because like I said before -- my life would just not be the same without you all. I'm always thinking, "I could blog about this!" or "Yeah, that'd be such an awesome post", or "Yes. This makes so much sense,, I have to share it with the girlz!".

While all that laptop "life" stuff was going through my head,, so was something else.

That this same thing can relate to our own lives.

Yeah, we fall over. We make mistakes.

It seems like maybe we'll never get better. We'll never live our same lives again.

But then someone -- namely, God -- comes, and makes it all better. Even though it may be a slow process, it happens. We begin to live again.

And yeah, things of the past will be there. Physical things,, that show the pain -- or emotional pain. And maybe they won't go away.

But on the inside, you're changed.

Ohh, and btw -- "But on the inside, you're changed." does not relate to the laptop, obviously. I'm talking about us, as humans. :)


P.S -- Thanks, God. :)


  1. Awesome post, emii! I'm so glad that your dad fixed your laptop. It wouldn't be the same without you or your blog. Keep up the great work and have a great week!

  2. Hi. Well I love your button and would love to put it on my page but i don't know how. I am not very good at putting cool stuff on my blog like yours!!! anyway could you email me or post a comment on my blog

  3. That was so AWESOME Emii! I love how you are always so open and honest and can share 'God stuff' from everyday things like broken laptops!

  4. I'd be like broken hearted if my laptop broke! Im so glad its fixed! PLEASE POST AGAIN SOON. LUV IT ALL!

  5. That's exactly the way I feel about my blogging life. Sometimes i feel like half my life is blogging!

    - Bree (I used to go by BOOKWORM)

  6. emii, you just sent me a facebook thing, and there was a photo of you on it. i pretty sure its you anyways lolz. if it is you, than, omi, you are sooooo pretty!!!!!!!

  7. hehe libby,, yepp thats me :) of course, that's like my best photo, and i was wearing my contacts..


    And thanks! :)

  8. Hey Emii,
    Are you still going to do your group study or book study or whatever it's called?

  9. hey chelsea,
    Thanks for reminding me!!!!
    Yeah, I'll do a post,, today.. when i get back from skool :)


  10. hey emii,

    yeah, I always pick out the best photo if I'm gonna show it anyone... :P

    can't wait for a post today!
    libby xox

  11. You're welcome, Emii! I can't wait until you post on the group study thing! Keep up the great work!

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  13. nice post!!! I have a laptop too, but the battery is dead. So it has to be plugged in. 'm so glad your dad fixed it, though.

    Abbie =D


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