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I don't know that anyone's been reading this blog lately, but if you're here -- I'd love it if you participated in this post, even if you don't usually comment. Remember, you can post as "Anonymous" if you don't have an account -- but please put your name on it, so I don't have to go around calling you "anonymous' :P

How's your life? Your realationship with God? With family? With friends?
Tell us about your life. Things you've done. Things you remember, good things, bad things. Things you like doing. I suppose you could call this your testimony. I don't know...

Hmm. Even though I decided to do this, I'm kinda stumped. I guess I'll start off with my name -- Emily. I'm 13 years old, and I'm in year 7...but you already know that. I want to dig, well, a bit deeper into my life...a good way to do this would, I guess, to get out your diary (if you have one) and read about how you felt in certain situations. But in my previous diaries/journals (same thing, if you ask me) I've just wrote about what I'm doing, most of the time. But hey, I was 10 years old. It seems so long ago...

I was born on March 16, 1996. My dad was a minister, and my mum was a nurse. At least, before she had me. And before they were married, my dad was a musician, in a band. He played the keyboard.

Over the years, I gained three siblings -- Chloe, Nathan and Georgia. Over the years, something else happened -- we moved. A lot. In fact, we moved houses every two years. We still do. I cannot remember ever living in a house longer than two years...

I suppose that, until not long ago, I called myself a Christian -- I was a little girl, who grew up with a dad who was a minister, always went to church. Yeah, I asked Jesus into my heart when I was really little, like 5 or something. But did I really know what that meant? You read books, like Christy Miller, or Diary of a Teenage girl -- and you think, they have such a story. They all become Christians when they're like 15 years old and stuff. Does that mean I'm too young, that I don't really understand what I'm doing?

All I know is that I'm learning. All the time. And I'm living. I keep saying "Live ur life for God!" but am I really doing that? I mean, I can write down the words. That's not difficult. But to live my life for God IS hard. I think. I mean, it's supposed to be simple. No, not easy -- but simple. I mean, to go live in eternity with God in Heaven, whatta we gotta do? Ask Jesus into our hearts. Be forgiven. In those books I read, they feel so different when God is in them. I just feel the same. I think that I need to commit myself to God. I think, hey, I have my blog -- It's even named after God -- I write in my diary, starting with " Hey God" -- which means I'm talknig to Him, right? I go to Church. I listen to dad talk. About God. But I think I know -- well, just figured out -- maybe. I'm not listening to God. I'm doing all this stuff. But I think I'm being like the pharisees. Doing the right stuff. But I'm not listening to God.

Does anyone else have that problem? If you do, please comment. We can help eachother.

love emily


  1. I was born on April 26, 1994.
    I was a bubbly little girl, until my little brother died and Mom tells me that after that,
    I was serious and quiet, like I am now.
    I've been horse crazy ever since I was four years old, and I draw, write, sing, and read for hobbies.
    I love Lord of the Rings, Eragon, and fantasy movies like that.
    I was baptized when I was 6, and have been fighting the good vs. evil battle ever since. :)
    I'm now 15 years old, a little older, and trying to be wiser!

  2. I was born on March 4, so I'm a few days older than you, Emily(I'm NOT trying to brag). I have three sisters 11, 9, and 4. I invited Jesus into my heart when I was 5. Somtimes I think that I should have done it when I was older, so I would understand more. So here I am trying to grow more in my faith everyday.(:

  3. I was born in the early morning hours of June 28, 1992; the second child in a family that would grow to 7 children. As I got older, I realized that I needed to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior but kept telling myself that I was young and would have time to "do that later". One night, during the Christmas season, I just couldn't sleep. At first, I wondered why and I began to feel convucted as I looked at a toy Lego Manger scene building instructions. Iwent to my mom, who was up late doing laundry, and told her that I wanted to be saved. I think I was about 9/10 years old and until that moment, I had never experience such peace. I knew that if I died, I would be with Jesus Christ. Through the past years, God has brought me through great difficulty and pain, to show me that HE is my all-in-all, my everlasting strength. I have never regretted my salvation and I never will. As a Christian, I have much more to learn-that's something God teaches me every day that I live for him.

  4. sry i havnt been posting
    ill pos more l8r
    im in class!!
    ps don't have time to sign into my acoount

  5. Hey, Emii!

    I got a forwarded Email 2day. What was that about?

  6. Hmm... Let's see I was born on September 17th
    umm My mom is a teacher My dad is a preacher. I love writing, reading, hanging with friends emailing and some other stuff. I'm go with flow but kinda seirous. I'M shy, I've moved 8 times i've lived in 5 states. I love reading peoples blogs and commenting on them. I can' wait unil my parents let me get a facebook and a blog. became a christian on November 11 when i was seven. Lately God has been showing to have faith in him and to trust him with EVERYTHING. And well, thats about all!

  7. Heyy emii. Finally posting!

    Okay, I'm in grade eight, age 13. When I was like way little I was an OUT THERE girl. SERIOUSLY. Crazy, loved being dirty and hated my hair smooth and brushed. I was out there, loud, and all that. I loved singing and dancing during that time. Without knowing it I had to writing gift, I loved speaking and writing things. Until I turned nine, we moved to America...

    It was actually pretty hard. Being the oldest girl of seven kids, we went on the plane (one of them was a 14 hour flight -- straight) From door to door it was 32 hours. Once we arrived in America we ended up staying there for two years. I met a few people and joined an AWESOME Christian dance class, and met my awesome friend there. Also while I was there, I realized I totally LOVED writing, and wrote a few stories (thinking six pages was HUGE!)

    Up and downs came...dot dot dot...LOL. Sometimes I liked it, others I didn't. You know, I missed Australia, but then I didn't. We came back in 08. (Yeh, not long ago) When i came back I cried... okay, im NOT joking (I should write a book about this!) When the plane landed in Australia, I seriously cried. I DID NOT want to come back. (no offence, it's just really hard moving back to the other side of the world). the rest of my family thought I was like, weird. they were like, "this is awesome! We're back in AUSTRALIA!!!!" But to me it was like, "no!!" anyways, we got off the plane and boy was it weird. Back in australia after two yrs straight. whoa, so weird, let me tell you. the auzzie accent rattling in my ear wherever I went. "can I see ur passport?" says a guy with the most auzzie accent ive ever heard. Im like, "whoa, you are sooooo australian!" i say that with an american accent btw.

    anyways, i see my cousins, uncle and so on. they're like "YOU LOOK SOOOOOOOOO DIFFERENT! OH MY, I CANT BELEIEVE UR BACK!!!!!!" more azzie accent. and I say, "yeah i know, it's sooo weird," with my american accent. and of course, my cousins go, "talk talk! you sound soooo american! thats awesome! talk, keep talking!!!" so i say, "hi, hi hi hi" yeh, i know, it got WAY annoying. (that happened in america too...until I lost my accent!)

    We went home...man, it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird. wow, just thinking it over is like...weird...way weird. wow. lol, anyway (i fee like livi now - lol!) . in 08 i continued to write books....and....NOW...im here, writing this and starting a new book called: Destiny Maray. thought id say that lol.

    So yeah, that's my story....but there is A LOT more to it!! i know that for sure!!!! maybe i shoudl just like, write a book about it or somehting. what do you think?

    oh, and bTW, im not so loud now (okay, fine, im loud but im loud in a diff way than i was) and i love children....seriously, i love baby sitting and everything, im like crazy about them !! !! !!

    sooooo yeh.
    now im here...missing america, wanting to go back...

    anyway, i dont think im like that at the moment, emii, but im sure ive been like that before

    prayers, blessings,
    libby xoxox

  8. Hey girlz,
    Wow, we all have different lives, but we all have things that make us really similar...


  9. You can find pretty much all this info at MY blog:

  10. Em
    I was born on October 22nd 1992,I've been homeschooled all my life,I had heart surgery when I was two cuz I had a whole in my heart,One of my brothers died when he was born but other than that I have 2 younger sisters ages 10 and 14 and three younger brothers ages 6,11 and 15.
    Well that's all I have

  11. Hey...
    I'm Rachel, I was born on February 14, 1998 (Valentines day! WooHoo!) I was named after Rachel Saint, a Missionary's wife, who had the courage to share the gospel with the people of Equador after her husband died. I've been homescholed my whole life, and I have two brothers who are both 13 and 16. I'm a rebel when it comes to the In-Crowd. If they don't like what I say,do,or wear, then that's OK with me! Girls should know that even if they don't know who they are, they shouldn't listen to populars, the media, or anyone like that. They should listen to God. And that's what my blog is all about...

  12. Hey, this is anonymous* :) I think I am doing ok living 4 God, but I need to improve..I guess ALLOT.any suggestions would be apreciated! I am trying to only speak when Needed NESCERRARY and KIND but I have to work on it. Any ideas on getting closer to God? Let me know!

  13. Hey Anonymous,
    I'm definitely thinking of some things...don't worry, I'm trying my best to live for God, too -- but we're not perfect...

  14. Hey Libby,
    Wow. What a life -- and you're just at the beginning! You should totally write a book about it , or at least a blog!



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