why do u do it?

You know those guys in the Bible, in the new testament, that were called "Pharisees"? Yeah, they were the ones who followed all the rules, because they thought that, to get to Heaven, that's what they'd have to do -- follow all the rules, be good people, pray to God, go to church.

Don't get me wrong. It's good to follow the rules -- I mean, we're not supposed to be wicked. But life isn't about doing stuff like going to church, singing songs, listening to the minister talk about God -- you know, maybe you think "Hey, this guy (or girl) is doing their bit for God, he's doing enough so that I don't need to.." No.

If you're doing stuff like that, but because you have to, because it's one of your parents "Rules" -- and you don't like doing it, you don't do it because it you love it -- it's kinda like being a pharisee.

I mean, take this blog, for instance. It's called Girlz 4 God, right? Yeah. So maybe sometimes I think, hey, my blog's named after God, so I'm doing my part, yeah?" Uhh, no.

Just because we say something, doesn't mean we:

Believe it.

Love it.

Live it.

I do my best to live my life for God, yeah. But I'm not perfect. And sometimes, when I'm reading the bible or doing a blog post about God -- I feel a bit like one of the pharisees, who follow the rules, but don't have, well, the passion for what they're doing.

I don't know if this is actually making any sense, but:

I wanna live my life with a purpose. Cuz God designed all of us with a purpose, and we don't want to ruin God's plan by going and, well, ruining it.



  1. hey emii,

    that was a really great post. kutaw.

    libby xox

  2. Great message, emmi!! I'm glad that you started writing your encouraging posts again. They are really good!! KUTAW!

  3. I'm trying to live my life for God to, but it isn't easy. Keep on writing those encouraging posts! : )

  4. lol emii. that side posting of a bit more of ur dream made me sooo laugh! lol, yep, maybe so... :)

    libby xox

  5. First of all, don't feel bad 4 blogging Emii!! And second, so true! At my old church, we used to have this thing called Awana, where kids would memorize verses and get prizes 4 it. But it wasn't really fair. If you did, like, 50 verses, all you'd get is a pen. And to enter some olympics they had, they had to memorize, like a hundred verses, plus the song--Of which had no music!! And one time, they did a video on how to get to Heaven, and they were all, "If you memorize your verses well, you will go to Heaven." My old Sunday School was no different! If you were there on time (Which I was NEVER on time.), you'd get a piece of candy. If you memorized a long verse, you'd also get a piece of cany. And that was a Third and Fourth graders class!! Yeah, I'll have to write the rest on another comment...

  6. Whew! Sorry for wasting space, Emii!! Any way, I felt bad for my bro in that class! Every time he'd mess up a part of the verse, everyone would laugh at him! At that time, I didn't really care. But now, I feel like someone was dragging me into being a Pharisee! Yikes! In the meantime, God bless!



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