a song i wrote ;)

I was bored, so I wrote a song...

We're not allowed (not allowed, not allowed)

To do what we want (what we want)

We don't have the freedom (have the freedom..)

To live our lives.

To our own dimensions

..But why? Do we. Seek to be.

Like. that. anyway...

I mean. Look over there.

That party princess.

What's she got?

She's in her own dimension.

A different world to mine.

Fantasy of Love. Blowin' up in her face...

Cuz. She's.


Livin' in her own dimension.

A different space of time.

Oh, she's livin' in her own dimension

..So different to mine.

I see. Her bein'. Happily.

Escorted out by..ohh, her guy...


They are livin' in their own dimension

A different space to mine

Oh, they're livin' in another dimension

So different to mine...

I can't. Help, but. Feel, that.

I am. Lucky. To be...

Living in my own dimension.

In my own space of time

Living in another dimension

So different of this time...

I don't. Want. That. Girl.

To suffer...

From bein' in this worlds

..own dimension

So, what did you think? If you didn't really get it, I'll explain it..

So, there's this Christian girl, with Christian parents who don't like, let her do stuff by herself with friends and guys and stuff -- she doesn't get to "Live how she wants, in her own dimension."

This girl she sees -- a "Party Girl" is a girl she decides DOES live in her own dimension, because she has freedom, etc.

At the end, we learn that the "Party Girl" is actually not in her own "Dimension". She's living the ways of the world today...

Please leave feedback on what you think!



  1. Thats Awesome Emii! You should post a pic of you singing it ;]

  2. Great song, emii!! You should totally do that more often on your blog. You're such a great writer!! Have a great week.

  3. That's actually really good. And I ain't kidding, either.

  4. I'm not trying to be mean at all...but like...the writing is...well, a bit hard to read when it's ALL over the blog...

    i miss the old background. but again, it's YOUR blog :)

    Libby xox

  5. sorry, that comment sounded really mean - ignore it... so sorry :(

    it was just a sudden change, but im starting to like the new blog look now.. :)


  6. sorry, i didnt even post about the song. so sorry. that song was really awesome. great lyrics! libbyxox

  7. hehe libby, thats okay -- and thanks :)


  8. AWESOME SONG EMII!!! keep 'em coming... i hope to be posting a song i wrote sometime soon!

  9. Awesome!!! Would ya be able to post music videos if your songs? I luff them soso muchh!!(:



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