old times... a peek into the past

When I open up a photo album, I love remembering back on those times that I'd thought I'd forgotten about. And when I remember something that I'd forgotten about, it makes me happy. That is, if it's a good thing.

The other day, I was talking to one of my best friends in grades prep, one, two and three. Actually, I had a different best friend in prep and grade 1. And then another best friend in 2 and 3. But this girl was the friendliest, actually. She was the nicest. And to perfectly honest, I wish I'd been best friends with her. Because the other day, when I found her on facebook, and then we talked on msn -- it was like, hey, she remembers me, lets talk. Ohh, and guess what -- she's going to Europe!!!!

Anyway, we were talking, and remembering stuff we used to do (Remember, I haven't seen her for four years). Or should I say, stuff she remembered. I guess I don't have a very good memory. Here's part of the conversation...as well as I remember it (=P)

NIQUE: No boys, No boys, No boys allowed.
No boys while we're singing this song.

EMII: lol

NIQUE: No noise, No noise, No noise will be heard.
When boys are in this room.

EMII: ;)

NIQUE: do u remember that??

EMII: umm noo..where is it from?

NIQUE: we sung it!!

EMII: ohh, wait -- i think I'm remembering!!

NIQUE: we recored it with ur dad, we both shared the headphones lol

EMII: lol, i remember it!!! that is soo cool!!! now im soo happy, lolz

Old memories, things I used to do -- I love remembering it. A peek into the past...maybe I'll write a book called that one day =)

And -- if you've moved a lot, or moved in like, year 3 or something when I did, and didn't keep up with your friends -- join facebook, or ask your parents if you can use their account (if they have one) and search their names. Add them as a friend (if ur in ur parents account, ask them first!) and then you can see their info, and add their email =)

Well, that's what I did, anyway. I just love talking to old friends -- then, they'll no longer be 'old friends' -- they can be normal friends!



  1. I've done that before on Facebook. I found my old neighbor through Facebook. He used to be my best friend when I lived in a different state. Now I have this one best friend and we've been best friends since first grade. But at the same time, I've had a lot of other best friends, so I don't just have one particular best friend.
    Also the way I remember things a lot of the time is by writing in journals. I love going back and reading some of things I said in my journals. I do the same thing with some of my blogs too. I've been blogging since I was about 14. Good post!

  2. I love looking through yearbiks and old pics. My BFFL and I'll talk to her on the phone (she lives 10 hours away) and will remeber the weirdest stuff. I have a pretty good memory so I'll just like bring up weird stuff we did when were really little. I remeber the first time we wathed sleeping beauty. We decided to watch it together. There is one seen where to guys clink glasses so we would get up in the middle of the night that next night, fill up glasses with milk and clink them and say "Cheers!" I also remeber when we went to Wal-Mart with her mom and her Mom gave us two quarters each. We went to one of the little things where you put in quarters and gives you something cheep in those little balls. We got fake pearls. As soon as we got out of the car we went to the backyard and we were going to bury it. We tried to lift up one of the Land Scaping rocks but it was really hot and it had ants on it and we dropped it. Guess what it landed on my foot. Lets just end it as I ended up losing my toenail. (Not one of the best memories) Now if feel like I'm going to cry Happy Tears. Ahh, the memories ;',')

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  4. Aww! That's so awesome Emii!

  5. Ironic....A couple months ago, I went to youth group and saw my friend(Who's name is also Rachel) who used to go to my old church! The two of us used to be BFFs, and now we still are!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so glad my blog made you feel at peace! I love your blog, too. It's a colorful pick-me-up to my day...great job with your blog. I'll be cheking back often to read new posts! Please come back anytime! Again, thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Hey :D
    Please see my comment on your last post before this one please :D


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