negative ... positive

I don't know about you, but there's times in my life where I just get so negative. Like last night, for instance. I'm sitting here, playing around with the html code on my blog, trying to get the code right for a 3-Column. And then I totally messed it up, except I didn't know how...

Then it was time for tea (Dinner, in case American's are thinking like tea that you drink =P).

My blog html all messed up, I go upstairs in a bad mood. There's pizza on the table, and everyone's sitting down...okay, moving around the kitchen, getting cups and stuff is more like it.

Anyway, I sit down, and dad says grace, and while he's saying it, I'm looking inside the pizza boxes, for my favourite type of pizza, Aussie. (For those of you who are dying to know, Aussie has baccon, egg, cheese and stuff on it.) I can't see it, and dad tells me that I have to say grace again, 'cuz I was being so rude the first time round. So I say it, and then I start complaining that there's no Aussie.

And then I have Hawaiiain, and I say how there's basically no cheese, because I love cheesy pizza. And then I try the Barbecue pizza, and it has these really gross flavours, and it tasted really bad without cheese. And then I try the Margarita, with, for those of you who don't know, is basically made of sauce. (A favourite of my sisters..). AND -- the garlic bread was all mushy, and the butter stuff on it tasted gross.

Okay, so maybe I'd have complained a bit even if I hadn't been so annoyed about the stupid Html on my blog. But, as my mum said -- I didn't have to bring my negative mood to the table. (And no, I didn't use that lame excuse that this annoying guy in my class does when he says something really immature/stupid -- "Hey, we're teenagers". Even if that is part of it!)

Anyway, after tea, I got back on and managed to fix it -- and I was SO proud when I did it, LOL! (Btw, If you want to learn how to do stuff such as change your blog font, make your blog 3-Column, remove the lines between posts, and so much more -- I definitely reccommend going to http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/blog-secrets!)

When your life just feels so negative, try your hardest to think of something positive. I mean, why be unhappy if you can be happy? Because you wanna play "Victim" (I get accused of that sometimes...) . You know, say your shopping with your mum, and you say you'd like something, so then she goes "Are you sure?" and you go "Ohh, FINE then. I WON'T have it." -- trying to get people to feel sorry for you, when you could make your life so much more fun by going the more postitive way. I should know -- I do it all the time, sadly. And I guess that makes it something I need to imprive on...


  1. Hey emii,
    I have to tell you that your message was exactly what my dad was talking to me about the other night. Well, there's this girl in my basketball camp who I absolutely can't stand. And my dad was going on and on about how I should try to love her and that she needs grace. Then he went on saying that I should try to be positive in the situation and I kept thinking,"How can I be positive when this girl keeps bugging me"? But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. I had even considered posting about it but I guess you beat me to it. LOL! Anyways, thanks for the message!! It was awesome!

  2. I know! Isn't HTML sooo annoying. I just took a class on making websites and using html. Soo hard

  3. hey emii,
    can you please write some more of livii sometime. I'm DYING to read more stuff on that blog!

  4. Hey Meredith,
    Really? Maybe I should take a class on that!

    Thx, Libby...sure, I will do one, I've been meaning to, but with school back again...LOL =)

    Hey Chelsea,
    Ohh, when it comes to people that I can't stand...my parents say the same things. I mean, it's just this certain type of people, that REALLy get to me!!!!!!!


  5. awesome! I'll check out that blog in a few minutes...seeing I just checked it out then. Hope to read something on there soon :) and yeah, I understand, school gets ya busy. I keep forgetting your doing school now though cause I'm on holidays... got one more week left :)

    Libby xox

  6. I think the biggest problem of my life is being negative. Mostly because if one day was bad for me, I'll most likely take it out on the next day.


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