my dream ~ LOL

So, I had no idea what to post today, so I decided to post on the dream I had last night, weird as it may be!

Okay, so you know my dad's a minister, right? Well, you do now.

Our family was in our car, driving, when we saw a plasma TV hanging onto a building. I mean, it was on, so that you could watch it and stuff. Anyway, this lady was speaking about something -- and it turned out she was talking about the sermon my dad had done the Sunday before. So my dad hopped out of the car, and started listening to what she was saying.

While this was happening, there were two guys sitting on the ground, across the road. One of them was smoking and holding a hat. "Hey, lets burn their car down!" I heard one of them say. (I don't know how I heard this!) "Okay" replied his friend. So they got up, and headed over to the car. Once they got their, they climbed in and sat at the very back.

When dad started driving, the guy lit another cigarette, and reached out, and was about to hold it on my head, when I jumped forward. I'd known it. I'd known these guys were bad. (Just so ya know -- we do not normally let random people in our car!)

Anyway, then those men disappeared from my dream for a little while, and me and Alii were sitting in the back of the car, talking. I was talking about inviting Lily over. But I didn't know if she was busy or what, so mum said we could go see. And Alii went "Hey, aren't you here to hang with me?!" I said, "Yeah, but we can hang with Lily, too." (Hey Libby, I think I got that part from your story, lol!)

As we're driving, I'm suddenly like, "Hey! Isn't Lily a story character? I mean, she's not real!" (We were driving to Lily Robbins' house, in the series by Nancy Rue!)

So we drove home. Then those bad guys came back. They trapped us all in the study, and just hung out. Somehow, I'm not really sure, this policewoman came into the study. (Btw, it was the study in our old house...memories.)

The bad guys were out of the room for the moment, and me, Alii and my mum were the only ones in the room for the moment. "Shh. I have a plan!" she said. She started writing stuff on the computer.

Nathan went to his friends house for dinner at 2'0 clock, and stuff like that.

Then she erased it all, and I started writing random stuff like that. When the bad guys came back, and saw us writing on the computer, well, for some reason, they left.

Haha, and we lived happily ever after, I guess.

Hmm, and I remembered it, too!



  1. hey emii,
    in some parts of that i was laughing. interesting dream. yes, maybe youve been reading too much of my story (or Alii secretly has - lol) but thats an interesting dream. i wonder if it means anything.... like, a dream for u to pray protection over ur family, like, it may sound silly, but it can be true. and/or maybe it could mean that alii feels left out at times and u dont even know. idk, maybe. but yeh, thx for sharing it with us!


  2. Interesting dream Emii! I was laughing so hard!

  3. Interesting dream Emii! I was laughing so hard!

  4. Interesting dream Emii! I was laughing so hard!

  5. Haha, I hadn't read through it because I had to go to school as soon as I wrote it, but I read it just then -- haha, what a weird dream, i was laughing too!


  6. Wow! Strange dream, emii. That was really weird but kind of funny too. Have a great week!

  7. Hey emii,
    I'm really missing your encouraging posts. They were really great and fun to read too. Just a thought.

  8. I just found out about your blog, and I'll read it from now on!

    P.s., It's Bookworm from Nancy Rue's blog! : )

  9. Hey Chelsea,
    I haven't stopped =)

    Hey Bookworm..yay, that rok!


  10. Wow Emii. Very Interesting. xP

  11. oh emii .... that was hilarious!!! i love to laugh!! thanks for posting that!



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