it's not that bad... and WHY are we here?

it's not that bad...

You know how, in your life, there are those people who just, well, you can't stand? They annoy you whenever they do something, maybe they're rude to you, or whatever it is.

I just read the Chloe Miller book "Face the Music" (Actually, I just read all four Chloe diaries in four days, LOL!)

"Face the Music" taught me a lot of stuff. It made me realize that, really, I don't hate anyone. What's the good in that? Jesus did not come and teach to us, "Hate your enemies!"
No. He said, "LOVE your enemies."

And you know what? Loving them does so not mean you have to be friends with them. But don't be enemies! Just love them. Love EVERYONE!!!

Life is not to make enemies.. that's not why God created us.

Which brings me to the second part of this post - WHY are we here?

a part of my diary entry yesterday.. (:O)

Something has been happening these last few days, that me feel that, well, this world is God's. He created us all. And he wants us to have a personal realationship with him...but there's something deeper, that I don't know how to explain. It's this thing that...hmm. It's like, we're not here forever. Our lives on this earth are so short. But when we die, and we go to be with God, in Heaven -- that IS forever.

At our age, (And younger, and older..) people are trying to find, like, somewhere, someone, something, to turn to.
Some turn to drugs. Some turn to witchcraft. Some turn to Budism. And some turn to Christianity.

Being a Christian. What does being a Christian mean to you? To put it in Chloe Miller's words, "It's not a religion. It's a realationship."

I just think that's the awesomest way of explaining it.
Because that's what it is, that's what it's about. The realationship between me and God, YOU and God. I mean, there's other stuff too -- like LOVE. But I think it's all part of the personal realationship between us and God.

You created us, God. You knit me together in my mothers womb..we're not here, on earth, to much around, doing whatever. No, we're here for a purpose.. I'll say it again.


Our lives, my life -- isn't for nothing. God created ME, YOU -- for a PURPOSE.

These last few days, I've been feeling pretty lost, like, "Why am I even HERE?" But I think God just let me know. For a purpose. That's why I'm here. That's why we're all here. THAT is why God created us. For a purpose.
It feels so good, just knowing that God, the ruler over everything -- created me. For a purpose.

But there's one more thing. I gotta remember this -- God created EVERYONE for a purpose -- even the people I don't like, or they annoy me -- I gotta remember, tell myself.

God created them for a purpose.

Oh, and one more thing -- just like we were all created for a purpose, everything happens for a purpose, too. Even if it's not the way God planned for your life, or somebody else's -- or mine -- you just gotta remember it's for a purpose.

"Keep your eyes open, your lamp burning, so you don't get muddy and murky. Keep your light as well-lighted as your best-lighted room."



  1. hey emii,

    that was... like.... a great post. I think that sometimes too, but like, then I think "what's my purpose though?" but, i want to be a school teacher or a daycare worker, so, being with kids (and teaching) because I luv kids lots, and that's a love God's given me -- well, maybe that's my purpose...

    thank u so much :)

    libby xox

  2. Hmm, I don't know what my purpose might be. Speaking to girls about deppresion or God stuff like Vikki Courtney maybe writing.

  3. Hey,
    Yeah, I don't really know what my purpose would be, either. Maybe writing, because I love it :)


  4. writing would probably be one of my other purposes... God's given me open doors with that, and that's one way to--hey, I've got a post idea!

    check my blog soon :) lol
    libby xox


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