Hey, are you there?

Hey. So, I'm feeling kinda curious -- I mean, I know some of the readers of my blog, that is, those of you who comment. But I'm sure there's those of you who are reading this right now -- but don't comment.. well, I know this because I did a poll on it a few months ago :)

Even if you don't comment, please , just for today even -- leave a comment, say who you are, and stuff like that -- if you want to, that is. And you don't have to have an account -- you're allowed to comment as "Anonymous".

Luv your friend,


  1. hey emii,

    I understand COMPLETELY what u mean, lots of peeps have been doing that to me. lol. anyways, im commenting, like i always do.

    blessings, prayers,
    libby xox

  2. :) Sorry I don't comment much... Here I am now! I'll try remember to comment more...

  3. Hey girlz,
    Awesome to see ya! Lol, well, awesome to read ur comments =)


  4. :) yeh, lol :) hey, i didn't really realized, but i visit this blog more than twice a day (that goes also with livi's blog), hehe, ur blog is luved :)

    libby xox

  5. oh, btw (I always do this lol) you don't have 'contact me' anymore... so I don't know the GIRLZ 4 GOD email address. im PRETTY sure it's girlz4god.g4g@hotmail.com but i'm not completely sure...

    i'll try anyway, but if it doesn't work, than I'll ask what the email is again. thx, libby xox

  6. oh, wait. I just checked a post (~I hear you~ advice) below and u had the email address on it. thx anyway! libby xox

  7. Hey Libby,
    Thx for coming all the time, i reallyyyy appreciate it, ur awesome :) Oh, and im glad u worked it out, the email and stuff. :)


  8. I don't comment too often...Don't know why. But every time I go on the computer (Which is about ten times a day.) I always check ur blog to see how it's 'doin. Practically, I've worn out ur blog like a rag doll!


    P.S: Have you seen my latest post yet? I've got big news on my blog!

  9. Here's my comment. :)

    No, but seriously. I have so many blogs I follow, that it would take me forever to comment on EVERY post that EVERYONE posted. So, I'm sorry that you feel neglected, it's just crazy for me. :D


  10. Awwwwww...
    I'm soooooo sorry I haven't been commenting
    sooooo How are you?

  11. Hey Emii!
    I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting.
    But I HAVE been reading :D

    Hey I have a question, with your blog Writing of a teen girl, is it you who is writing about Olivia's life and shes like a book character you made up, or is it actually a girl named Olivia who has this stuff going on in her life? I've been wondering this since whoever started writing but i haven't asked. :)


  12. hiya! how's it going? anyone who reads this, please check my blog . I;m going to post a very important post later today.:)

    Emii sorry I don't comment too much. I'm really busy, with swimming lessons and all that. I luv reading your blog, though!

    Abbie =D

  13. Hey! Well I like read your blog all the time. Sorry I don't comment much. Anyway ya my name is Victoria and I found you r blog through naancy rues blog! Ok Well bye

  14. hey emii! missed me much? lol :) ive been wayy busy @ VBS this week. its austrailian!! pretty kewl, huh? ill try to comment more. and btw, i did a new post bout Zoey...check it out!

    in Christ,

  15. and u can advertise my blog if u want! thx :)

  16. Hey Victoria -- I've been going to your blog a few times, but I haven't been able to comment, it doesn't seem to work...

    And heyyy everyone! Ohh, I'm SO excited u all love reading my blog!

    Luv,Emii :)

  17. Don't feel bad if you're not commenting, I know sometimes that it's kind of a pain to do it,, lol. not that i hate commenting -- i love commenting. but i just like knowing your out there, reading it :) .. I hope u understood what i just typed, hehe! :)


    Oh, and btw, Emma -- Olivia Grace is a story about a character i created, and I write the blog..kinda complicated, i know!

  18. Hey! I haven't been to your blog in while... Sorry about that! Sorry about not commenting, either. :( I'll try to more often, okay? :)

  19. P.S. About your birthday dream? I had the same thing happen to me...only a couple days ago! I even changed my status on MSN to "It's my birthday!" It's that weird! I did get like two emails, though.

  20. Ohh, Kayla, haha that is SO weird..ooh,that is so not fair -- you got two emails, and i got NONE :S =P !!!

    And thanks for commenting, btw. :)

    <3 emii


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