diary of a teenage girl

"Diary of a Teenage Girl" is a series by Melody Carlson, and if you've never read them -- I seriously reccommend them. If you have questions about God, friends, stuff about real life -- you have got to read them. Even if you DON'T have questions -- and you will, sometime -- read them.

I absolutely LOVE them.. check 'em out!



  1. I've heard of that series but have never actually read them. What age group are they best for?

  2. The age group would be...13-18, or something like that. Like, I'm 13, but the diaries are written by four girl -- Caitlin, Chloe, Kim and Maya -- who's ages are around 15-18 :)

    Go to http://doatg.com/ , I'm sure that will tell you all you want to know :)

  3. emmi ill check them out

    i need yall's help i need a really really long list of books for teen girls and especially for guys!

  4. Hey Meredith,

    Here are some...

    Diary of a Teenage Girl series, by Melody Carlson -- girls

    Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris -- girls and guys

    Brio girls -- girls and guys

    Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, Katie Welden.. -- Robin Jones Gunn, girls

    There's a couple..it's a start :)


  5. hey Meredith,

    here are more than I just found yesterday, yay, finally something to read.

    'Nama Beach High - by nancy rue.

    I've read the first chapter, so far, so good.

    libby xox

  6. hey libby,

    i have them, they are pretty awesome :)


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