Influences. As we're growing up, we meet different kinds of people. People that have loads in common with us. People who are Christians. People who are waaay different from us. People we just flat out don't like. And there are lots more, obviously.

Okay. Now, I want you to get a pen and paper. Rule a line down a third of the page, then another so that you have three parts. Now, write at the top of the first side "Friends who influence me to do the right thing". On the next side, write "Friends who influence me to do the wrong thing". And, on the last side, "Friends I don't how they influence me."

NOW -- I want you to think of all the people you consider friends, and put them on either side of the list...

Okay. You done that? Have a look at the list. Which side is the most full?
If your "Good influence" side was pretty full, nice job. It's really important, especially at our age, to choose our friends really, really really carefully. Those people on the "Bad influence" side of the page -- well, there's nothing wrong with being friends with them. But definitely don't start spending too much time with them, because you know what? It's going to be very easy for them to pull you down to their level. Read this next passage from Christy Miller, for example...

Katie, you are such a strong Christian," the teacher said, " That you are going to influence Peter Pagan for good. You're going to bring him to the Lord. Go ahead. You pull Peter up to the chair where you stand. Go ahead, pull harder.

Katie yanked and tugged, but Rick barely moved.
"Not so easy, is it? Now, Peter Pagan (Ohh, if you haven't read this book, Peter and Rick are the same!), try your influence on Katie. You bring her down to your level.

With one quick tug, Katie toppled off the chair, and literally fell into Rick's arms. His quick reflexes allowed him to catch her with a solid thud, before both of them chrashed to the floor.

See how easy it is? We try hard as we can, but they don't budge. But, with one quick tug, we're down there. Influenced the wrong way.
Girlz, choose your friends carefully. If your girlfriends are out there, doing stuff you don't want to do -- leave. And remember one thing, one thing I always forget, but I want to remember it -- God is always by our side. Always. He'll never leave us. Never, ever. So, even when you feel so alone that you figure you must be the most alone person on the planet -- remember that God is right there, by your side. Talk to Him. Be a friend.

Luv, Emii. xox


  1. hey em,
    great job! Most of my influence comes from my older friends in their twenties, and they are a great influence. I dont have many friends my age, but thats fine, because i connnect reallly well with my friends that are twenty and very strong christians. I email one and she helps me heaps- like an online mentor! At school there is a lot of influence, but i was never affected by it considering everyone was very imature and that wasn't how i wanted to live my lifew! but i liked that post! good job!

  2. Hey Larny,
    You must be really mature for your age...I remember on your profile, that you are really mature for your age, because of things that happened/happening in your life...you rokk!!!!!

    xox emii

  3. wait, are you entering in my giveaway?

  4. Hey, where is everyone??!!

    xox emii

  5. I had my header done by someone, and yes, I love my header too!

  6. Good post! I am so blessed to have friends who influence me only for the good. By the way, I think I may have stopped by your blog before, feel free to drop by my blog.

  7. Hey Leslie, awesome =)
    Elizabeth -- good friends are so hard to find, but when we do find them, it's so worth it.

    xox emii

  8. Hey Em,
    Great idea for a post =]
    I just realized that Libby's blog is for invited users only, I don't know how to get in contact with her! If you can get to her blog and comment can you give her my email and ask her if she could invite me please?


  9. Hey Em,
    Of course I will! =)

    luv, emii.xox

  10. You are sooooooooooooooo right, emily!! It's really important that we choose good friends now while we're young before it's too late. Great post!! Btw, sorry I haven't been commenting in a while. Oh, also, what book are we going to study for the devotional thing? I want to be prepared when we start it so could you email me or comment about it? Thanks!!

  11. hey emii
    finallly here :) took a while, sorry !!
    Emma, just before I read ur comment I commented on ur blog asking for ur email address :) yay, great timing! anyway, emii that is a really awesome post. thanks :)
    libby xoxx

  12. Hey!
    I'm new to this blog. But I got here from Nancy Rue's blog. Great post!

  13. Hey, thx Chelsea, and Libby.
    Hey Caitlin, it's so awesome that you came to my blog -- i luv having readers =)

    I haven't actually chosen a book yet, I heard Nancy was writing one...

    xox emi


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