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Hey, and welcome to the FIRST 'I Hear You' advice section EVER! This is the place where YOUR questions are answered. So, here are your questions...

Hey Emily,

I have to share my room with my sister and we fight sometimes. Any advice to separate the room just a little so i can have my privacy?


Hey Angel,

I totally know how you feel. Except for this last two-and-a-half years, I've shared a room all my life. Have you considered a room separater-thing, like the one below? Like, you could but a really cool, colourful one, or paint/decorate one yourself -- you could each paint your own side, and it could be an extra feature to the bedroom!
xox emii

Hi Emily,
I love my daughter very much and do not want her to be involved in too many different parts of the internet like having her own facebook account because I fear for her safety. What should I do? How should I speak to her about it so she will understand. She is very responsible and I trust her but its like if you’re a motorcyclist you will be in danger not because the motorcyclist is a bad rider but because there are other bad drivers out there who might cause the motorcyclist to have an accident.
Please help me...

Facebook can be a lot of fun, although your right -- it can also be very dangerous -- just like anything else in the world. If she doesn't already, I'd reccommend letting her start up a blog. Blogs are fun, interactive, creative and are a great way to record thoughts and times.
xox emii

Hey Emily,
I have been totally bored lately and need some ideas on what to do. Could you help me please? -Chelsea
Hey Chelsea,
Trust me, I'm bored a lot, so I know how you feel. Sometimes, we just get tired of doing the same thing. Something that's a lot of fun, and if you get permission, to do it, is to play Master Chef. It's a TV show, btw. Here's what to do...
Find a friend/siblings -- it's much more fun than by yourself!
Get permission from your parents/guardians (or you can do that first)
Find three judges (Well, you can choose how many judges.)
The judges will give you a main ingrediant, and give you a time limit.
Now. You can use whatever you want in the dish, so long as it includes the main ingredient.
Cook, Cook, Cook!
When time is up, you must stop cooking! Remember, presentation is important.
Deliver your dishes one at a time to the judges. If you want, make it anonymous -- have
someone else take in both the dishes (one at a time).
You can change the rules however you want, the main thing is -- Have FUN!
xox emii
Hey Emily
I want to honor my parents, but chores are kind of a bore. And I complain a lot. Is there a way to make chores more enjoyable, or at least a way to give me motivation?
Hey Anonymous,
I hear you. I hate chores, and I always complain. Sit down with your parents, and make a deal with them --
"Mum, Dad -- I want to honour you, but I really don't like doing my chores. I mean, it's just not fun! I know, I know -- 'chores aren't supposed to be fun, you're supposed to work hard'. But what do you think about this -- every month, if I do all my chores, without complaining, I get something. Not something expensive, like an iPod. Just something small, like a book. Or some bracelets or something."
Good Luck!
xox emii
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading the first edition of ~ I Hear You~
xox emii


  1. Wow! I love it! Those were some great questions! KUTAW!

    Abbie =D


  3. so, where were the questions asked?

  4. Hey Libby,
    A couple of weeks ago, I posted http://girlz4godrok.blogspot.com/2009/05/i-hear-you-advice-section.html#comments

    Check out that post, it will tell you everything about it =) I think you must have been away at the time I posted it...

    xox emii

  5. Great advice =]

    What the mom with the daughter could also do is have her daughter set her facebook on private. I have a facebook and I'm only 11 (my mom said I could get one lol). You can set your profile on private, or SUPER private. I have mine set on private. Private is just where people can't see your facebook unless their in your friends.

    My mom even has a facebook and she checks on mine and all my siblings facebooks like once a day just to be safe.

  6. Awesome. Yeah, my parents won't let me get a facebook account, it's so not fair! Maybe when I turn 14...

    xox emii

  7. Hey Emily,
    You shouldn't feel left out of facebook.
    I don't have one and I'm 16.
    Just remember this:Your parents are trying to do what's best for you,and maybe that means not getting a Facebook when it seems like EVERYBODY has one.
    <3 Hannah


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