Book Challenge ~

Okay, so here's a little thing you can do. Whenever I'm stuck for a post, or don't have the time to post a post worth posting (LOL) I'll post a Book Study. If you've read the book below/in the title, then you'll be able to participate...I suppose you could still participate if you haven't read the book, but...yeah. You'll see what I mean.

*Please note. All the books in this challenge are from my own bookshelf, so all information/answers will be corrected accurately =)

Okay. So, below I have 10 questions about the book in the title/below. Answer them without looking at the book! It's a competition to see how much attention you pay to the characters, scenes, and how you felt in particular parts of the book. There will be a reward, but nothing sent to you, because I don't want to start introducing addressses in my blog, as I feel that's just too dangerous.

Series: Sierra Jensen #1

Title: Only You, Sierra

By: Robin Jones Gunn

1. Describe Sierra's gorgeous hair

2. What shape is Tracy's head?

3. What does Katie and Sierra's club, P.O, stand for?

4. When Sierra leaves England, she'll be flying to her new home. Which town is this in?

5. What are these words, coming from Todd, informing Sierra, Katie, Tracy and Christy of? "Ladies, what on earth is going on in there? We can hear you in the south wing of the castle!"

6. The young man Sierra meets at the airport has a girlfriend whose name was -- ? And why was Sierra insistent on the man, whose name was Paul -- to break up with his girlfriend?

7. After Sierra met Paul, she felt herself thinking, Fight for this man. Why do you think she was thinking this?

8. Whose car did Sierra follow to get to the college campus which Paul attended?

9. What are the names of all Sierra's siblings? And how many does she have?

10. A Wrinkle in Time is what type of clothing store?

Post your answers in a comment, and GOOD LUCK! Ohh, and please don't just look at everyone else's answer's, and copy them.



  1. hi,

    I haven't read that series/book, so i won't be able to do this one :""(
    maybe you could do something from a book in the bible or something (like psalms...love that books!)

    have fun to all the rest of you who can participate.

    Blessings, Prayers.
    Libby xox

  2. Hey Libby,
    That's okay...yeah, I thought of that -- sure, I will! Anyway, thanks for commenting all the same -- blog traffic has been realllyyyy slow


  3. ohhhh
    Now I have to go get this at the library so I can answer the questions

  4. 1. thick, blonde, and wavy

    2. heart-shaped

    3. pals only

    those are the only three i know cuz they're in the last christy miller. ya see, one of my college friends gave me the whole christy miller series and all of the sierra series...except for books 1, 2, and 12! :(

  5. and BTW emii, i just started my own blog...www.sistersnthesavior.blogspot.com!!! come check it out!!! :)

    thx & luv in Christ,

  6. hey Libby, i wanna follow ur christian press blog, but it says u have to be invited...will u invite me? cuz i think it looka kewlidge!!


  7. Sorry emily. I haven't read this series so I won't be able to answer the questions either. Good luck to all the participants! I hope you win the prize.


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