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Talk 'bout ur style.
Hey Girlz, today all you have to do is talk 'bout UR style! Everyone's style is different, so tell us all about your's! Where do you like shopping? Why do you wear what you do? What accessories do you like wearing? Comment all about your style :)

xox em


  1. Hey
    OK, lets see my style. Its really hard to describe. Its laid back, comfty, but still fashionable (I hope, LOL) I like jean shorts flip flops tee shirts (perferebly the funny christian ones, mya know, like the ones they sell at Family Christian) ponytails, going barefoot. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE cause bracelets. Thats when I'm just lounging around the house and playing in the yard. When I'm going out to eat or going to shop I like to wear a nice top, clean, crisp, jeans, wedge heeled flip flops with beading, and a bracelet.

  2. In America my favorite shop was the Dollar Store (everything a dollar it roked!) but now, hmm, maybe the 2 dollar stores, although they are lke the only ones I know (we neva go to the mall) so ya

    Okay, I wear what I do because I look actually pretty in the clothes, and I like em, and hmmm, yeah, they aren't showy, and yeah. Okay, I don't wear like jewelry and stuff, so yeah.


  3. Awesome! For every-day wear in the winter, I wear a tank top under one of my favourite t-shirts, track-suit pants, a jacket and volley's. For church, I usually wear the same top half, with jeans, and volley's.

    In summer, I wear the same -- tank top, t-shirt, Roxy thongs (also known as flip-flops) and black min--shorts. I also have a silver cross necklace that I love wearing, and I love bracelets that say things like 'Love' and 'Peace' and 'Hope' and 'Friends' and stuff.

  4. Hey, Emily ok my style is kinda comfy or if we go somewhere nice I will where something girly, and fun, and cute. BTW do you have a webkinz account? I think I asked everybody on this blog, but when I asked I don't think you responded. Anyway peace out!!!!!!!! LOL Love,Angel

  5. I don't really know.
    I usually wear graphic t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops or my converse (don't know if you've ever heard of them). But since its getting to be SUPER hot in texas....wait...it already is, I'm starting to wear tank tops or t-shirts, shorts\capris and flip flops. I don't accessorize a whole lot but I have a TON of jewelry if I wanted too...which I do, I just always forget.

    To church I usually wear jeans and a nice t-shirt, with a sweater!! Its always FREEZING in church. lol. Our church is pretty casual so I don't have to really worry about getting super dressed up.

    I get most of my clothes at Target, Old Navy and a couple others. And also things that were my sisters that don't fit her anymore.

  6. ME? well here we go: i believe in difference (in other words, not tdying your hair blode getting a spray tan and getting plastic nails JUST cause everyone else has them) IN others words (eg) I have my nose peirced, my ears peirced twice, sometimes dyr my hair (if you can believe i! washout though) all sorts of colours, normally wear jeans except for today because i had nothing lese in my cupboard, and saying that you might think me as some sort of punk, but really im not! I may also sound like my sister- comfy go with le flow- buut God made me so not like that! I can't stand it if things dont o or something( perfectionist) and today i wa't exactly sure if the gr=ey and black I was wearing went- but alwell! What about YOU?

  7. Hey Angel,sorry -- I don't have a webkinz account...

    Awesome styles, girlz! And Larny,LOL, who cares if people DO think you're a punk?! God certainly doesn't care.

  8. hi emily, i'm the gal u posted a note at
    4 my blog. aka the one bout the egg.

    i now see ur a friend of liana!
    yeah, i know her 2. she used to go 2 my

    anywayz, can't wait to hear from you soon!!

    ((and yes, that really did happen))

  9. Thanx Emily, I know! but my nose ring is a stud, its more pretty than punky, and it shows people when they look at me that even if I loook like that, i defanetly dont act olike your average teen- I love jesus!

  10. My style is clean jeans a tucked in polo a belt and boots or wedge flipflops


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