Okay. Organization is something I obviously need in my life. I noticed some of you girlz are planning your posts. At first, I thought that sort of took out the fun of posting. But now I'm going to start some organization into my life. I'm not going to plan every little detail. But I'm going to do the basic stuff. Like, Figure out a topic and, just like dad does with his sermons, and just use that as something you base your words around. Like, say the topic was Respect, then he'd just like, not plan everything and talk about respect all around.

The same is true with God. God plans our lives, and he gives us the decisions to make. But really -- we certainly aren't supposed to go around planning our loves, the way we think it should be. Take this passage from Christy Miller, for example --

' You can get married the summer after your sophomore year since Todd will be graduated. Then, while you finish your last two years, Todd can complete his masters. It's just perfect!'

Christy couldn't help but laugh. 'You have it all figured out, don't you? But what if that's not what God wants?'

Aunt Marti looked surprised. 'Why wouldn't it be? Doesn't God want the best for you? I think even God would agree that Todd is the best for you.'

Christy laughed again at her Aunt's theology. 'I think God gives His best to those who leave the choice up to Him.'

Anyway, that passage described

A little further down on the page, it says -- 'Just enjoy today, Christy.'
Besides God, that is. But those words were spoken by a non-christian, who didn't yet understand that God knows everything...anyway the pont is -- just enjoy today.

And that pretty much expains what I've attempted to write. Think about it. Learn it. Pray it. Live it.

You girlz rok. KUTAW!

xox emily


  1. hey, whats up? your posts are really cool and funny emily. hope you had a great time on your suprise trip!!!!! TTYL (TALK TO YOU LATER).

  2. Wow that is a really good idea! I like how you bring the Christy Miller books into things.Have you read all the books yet? They sure are really good!

  3. Hey, I have read all the original Chrsity Miller books...guess what! Koorong (a Christian bookstore, online) had a 20% off sale on everything, so I got -- Chrsity Miller volumes 1 and 2, which I've read, but don't own. And Sierra Jensen, volumes 3 and 4, which I haven't read , AND -- CHRISTY AND TODD THE COLLEGE YEARS -- I have wanted that for ages!
    I know, they are just so so AWESOME!!!!

    Hey, Angel -- nothing much, really :P Thanks for coming to my blog, I'm glad you like it =)
    You have a really pretty name, I know a girl who has their middle name as Angel, lolz.

    xox emily

  4. thankz emily my parents named me angel because they said i looked like an angel when i was born. love your blog!!! please write back. love, angel

  5. Ohh, that's so cool! Hey, Angel -- are you allowed to get your own blog?

    xox emily


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