The next few weeks, I'm going to be posting on Love. And the fact that my dad is doing the same thing in his sermons will help -- I can take notes, and them use some of the stuff in my own posts :) So anyway, I'd better go get ready for school :'(

xox emi


  1. Love is such a great topic to cover. I know you'll do an awesome job on your upcoming posts. Can't wait to read the first post on love! Have a great week!

  2. Thats great emily im sure youll do a fantastic job! look forward to it!

  3. hi libby
    ive heard about u and cant enter your blog.Could you invite me?
    a grl 4 god.

  4. do u want my email?

  5. Hey girls,
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  6. Hey thx for the encouragment girlz :)

    xox emi

  7. It's amazing how much love is a part of life. It seems most music is on the topic. Country music is about human love usually. CCM is often about God's love.

    My favorite definition of love:
    "Saturday, March 7, 2009
    Real Love as it relates to Marriage
    On Friday, April 4, 2008 for our devotional before Calc 3 class, Dr. Anderson shared a bit about love as it relates to marriage.

    Here are some notes that I took from his devo (which I thought was very good):

    Love (an action not a feeling): A conscious decision and continued commitment to do that which is best for the other person.

    * A faulty definition of love is one thing that causes a lot of divorce in our culture
    * Feelings are *NOT* a good basis for a relationship
    o There will be days when you wake up and will look at your husband/wife and not have "warm fuzzy feelings" for your spouse.

    Feelings follow actions

    * If you act angry, you'll become angry. If you act loving, you'll start to feel loving.
    * Feelings are not bad. They are what bring us together.
    * Base commitment on actions then when your feelings go, they will come back.

    -- http://quotes.elijahlofgren.com/2009/03/real-love-as-it-relates-to-marriage.html

  8. Hey EMily
    YOur Dad is a pastor? That is so cool, mine is too!


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