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hey girlz. I'm missing you a lot -- no-one seems to be going on. Im thinking of taking off the permission only -- because no-one seems to be getting in. please comment or comment on the shoutmix things if you are here!!

missing you all a LOT,

xxx emii


  1. Really sorry Em! Ive been kind of sick and tired, so ive not been on very much. I also have been EXTRA busy with this walk we are doing, in fact i have good news! last night at our church we raised just 1000 dollars, and our church is not very big.I think its really good how everyones enthusiastic- but ti also means that I can't go on as often cause we are really busy organising!!!!
    Thanks so much emii,

  2. Hey
    I'm still here my I've been SUPER busy. N E way I need help me and my friend Lexie, are going to do something sort of like a webcast what should it be called? We thought about calling our selves somethin like M and L. What do you think?

    Meredith and Lexie

  3. Hi Emily!!
    my sister got your commenty thingy on her blog and she tried to come but the permission thingy so can you invite her? her email is wheeskers@yahoo.com

  4. Hey Girlz,
    I so cannot wait until everything is back to normal...

    xox emii

  5. I know it would is probably a complicated thing, but why are you trying to block out people from your school? Isn't that kinda hypocritical? I'm not trying to make you mad or anything. I was just wondering.

    I know with me, I tend to put my blog on my status on Facebook a lot because I want people to read it. I want to have spiritual conversations with people.

    But I don't know, maybe you have a different reason.

  6. :) I'm here... and reading, just haven't been commenting, I suppose... I have tried to post a few new things recently, if you want to check them out!


    (and I'm Rachael, not Chelsea...) :)

  7. Eek, did I call you Chelsea???!!! Sorry, if I did!

    Chelsea -- to me, my blog is a place I can share thoughts and ideas, without thinking that people I actually know are going to be reading, and quite possibly laughing at me =P

    xxx emii =)


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