from mouth to mountain

Tonight, my family and I went to a local event, called From Mouth to Mountain. What is was -- well, there was this band, and they played a heap of songs. But they were nice songs, like with gentle instruments -- and my dad was playing the piano :)
During the last couple of months, they've been practicing at our house. My mum and I really loved listening to them play! Because it really is nice music -- not like that stuff that's always playing on the radio, about girls whose boyfriends aren't working out to be what they'd thought. This music, is the type of music to put you to sleep at night. In fact, my dad recorded her favourite onto CD, and we listen to it a lot :)
I'm not exactly sure what the event was sure, all that I know is that it's awesome music!
xox emily


  1. Emily, Listen I found this website and it's cristian based and it's for girls. If you've ever read nancy rue books this is her website. it's called www.faithgirlz.com. Hope you like the website!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Angel

  2. Cool that sounds like fun! Thats really cool how your dad is in the band!!

  3. Hey Karimi,
    I know, I love watching him! Thanks for commenting :)

    Hey Angel,
    I'll go check out that site now, thx! :)Thanks for commenting :)


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