First of all -- during the next month, as you know -- we hope to get the blog devotion study up. As I've said previously, there will be a post up soon about that.

Secondly, I've finally got a blog post plan -- well, kind of. I have a sort of on-going plan, sort of like the 'I Never Knew' and 'Bible Verse of the Week'. Anyway, I'll just tell you.

I thought that I'd take a bible story, and I'd modernize it. You know -- as a real-life situation. And then, perhaps you could try and guess what the Bible story is, if you wanted to :) But I guess the purpose is so that we really understand what God is trying to tell us through these stories and verses...hopefully, it'll make it a bit clearer for us all. Comment, and let me know what you think of the idea!

xox emily


  1. LOVE the idea... can't wait to hear what you come up with! :)

    Just a Girl 4 God

  2. Sounds great, emily! I am looking forward to your next post and the first blog devotion. KUTAW ( keep up the amazing work),

  3. Thx, girlz! I love reading the encouragment you girlz leave me before school, and then again after school! It's one of the reasons I get through the day -- to see what you lucky home-schooled (and some of us not) have been up to :)

    xox emily


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