Ok, when you hear the word 'Value' what do you think? Money. Money is a huge part of many peoples lives. You just can't avoid it. I mean, seriously -- we are being charged to visit national parks, etc. -- and they are part of God's beautiful creation. And we have to pay to see it.
Obviously, with that in mind -- there seems to be something wrong with the world we live in today.

I'm going to tell you a story -- and I want you to picture yourself in it. I was going to tell you to close your eyes -- but then you wouldn't be able to read it...Ok, here goes.

There was beautiful earth. Trees, flowers, animals were roaming around freely. Fresh fruit, waiting to be picked. A lovely, sunny day. You take a walk around this place of freedom. A group of kids are sitting in a circle, talking. It is so fresh, so healthy, so pleasent.

Ok -- now, what was NOT in that story?

- Government
- Buildings
- Cars, etc.
- Animal Shooters
- Violence
- Electricity
- Plastic, etc.
- Sickness

And there were lots more. But there was one that I haven't mentioned yet. It was --can you guess? Money.

There was no money. The fruit trees, for example -- The people took care of them, and were given fresh fruit in return. Everyone was happy, all the children/teens talking and playing together. They didn't need iPods, mobile phones, laptops, clothes -- to make them happy. They were pefectly content with their friends.
The animals were free and happy, without a worry in the world.

Because, after all -- we don't need money to make us happy. As we saw earlier -- we would love our life to be full of freedom like that. And no, we wouldn't be bored -- because we woudn't want it to be any other way. You see -- when I'm watching the news, and they say something like 'They are working on a new flying car' well -- that just makes me sick. Why do we have to advance in our society even more? Why can't we just stick with normal cars? We already have planes -- we don't need flying cars.

I mean seriously -- instead of spending billions of dollars on ridiculous things like researching and building flying cars -- we could save the world. Give every poor and/or homeless person a home. Make them happy. My family sponsers two children -- a boy and a girl. Do your families sponser anyone? Even though it's only a few children/teens, it's still helping. Your making that one persons life so much easier.

But think about this for me -- if money didn't exist, then those children who are poor/homeless -- they would be just like us. If the countries they lived in weren't so horrible to them -- they'd be just like us. We're so fortunate, you know. You've probably heard that before, but after writing this...I have an idea of how...blessed I have been, throughout my whole life.

So I'm just going to pray a prayer now --

Dear God,

I'd like to really thank you, for giving me the life you have blessed me with, and the wonderful family you gave me.
And some day, I'd really like to help those less fortunate than me...I'm not sure how, but if it's in your will - then that's what I'll do.
I'm looking forward to being with you Forever, in Heaven. A place without trouble, without all those things I mentioned above. And no sin. So, Lord - I thank you. I love you.



  1. WOW. That is so true with society today. I wished I lived in that kind of world that you pictured. Sometimes I feel like I play computer too much. Thatnks so much for this!

    Abbie =D

  2. Your Welcome -- you must of come as sooon as I posted this!

    I know what you mean -- I'm on the internet ALL the time it seems...but I enjoy posting and commenting on blogs, because in a way -- it's being a missionary, only online.

  3. Hey emily,
    Great post! I would really enjoy living in a world where everyone was at peace and things weren't advancing. I mean we have more than enough and really don't need things like flying cars. But, I do agree with you and Abbie I do go on the internet a lot and it's almost like a natural habit of mine. I really should be spending more time with God and making that a natural habit of mine instead of going on the computer. Keep up the great work!

  4. By the way I think that I am going to order the Christy Miller books online tonight.

  5. WOW, Emily. YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT! That is a GREAT idea to do it on that. Your blogs are G-R-E-A-T, and I love it that you do it often, I'm on here a lot!!
    My family sponsers about seven kids, and I am going to sponder someone with my own money too. My family and I were missonaries in America for two years...it's hard. but when we came back to Australia, it was like "Wow, we did it." kind of thing. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a missonary in Africa. And I feel that's God's plan, like, He's opening doors for me and my family to enter that.

    PLEASE POST MORE! I love your posts!!!

    PLEASE keep it up!


  6. And I feel like I'm on the internet a bit too much too!

  7. I'm so glad that you all enjoyed my post -- I'm learing as much as you girls -- I didn't even know that I knew some of this stuff, until I wrote it down...

    Chelsea, I'm so glad your getting the Christy Miller series -- you will really enjoy it. It made me want to commit my entire life to God -- not just on a Sunday, not just at night -- all the time.

    Htebazile, it's so cool sponsering kids -- it's just like having a penpal...
    The only place my family has been oversees is New Zealand, when I was six. What was America like? Much different to Australia?

    Abby, I wish I lived in that world too -- it just seems so...free.

    I'll be praying for all of you, that God will take care of you, your families and your friends.

  8. Hi Emily,

    Yeah, it's amazing how much we learn WHILE we are righting our post.

    Yeah, I know, it's great sponsering.
    Yes! America and Australia are S-O-O-O-O-O different. America was good - but I could go on and on about things that are different compared to Australia.


  9. It must be pretty cool to go to different parts of the world...when I grow up, I'm going to do some travelling =)

  10. This is a GREAT post! :D You are totally right, we don't need all those things to be happy.

    My family doesn't sponsor a child but I wish we did. I have donated to Compassion International. have you heard of it?

    on Global food crisis day they were just talking about it on the radio and they were going on and on about how every 7 seconds a child dies from hunger related death...I was so close to crying. Those kids are just like us only they don't have food, they don't have a delicious meal with loving family to look forward to, they don't even know if they'll have another meal.

  11. My family sponsers a nine year old girl in Columbia. Her name is Natalia. She sometimes writes us letters and seems so sweet and loves God very much. I only wish that we could sponser more children.

  12. I have heard of Compassion, Emma. I think that's where my family sponsers kids from =)
    And your so right -- imagine, what it would be like -- no definite future. Well, actually -- no-one has a definite future -- but you know what I mean. These kids aren't sure how long they can survive under conditions they're in...

    It would be great to just save all the poor children, wouldn't it? There is this series I've just started reading -- it's called Diary of a Teenage Girl. I'm reading the Caitlen series of it =) In the series, Caitlen discovers that God is calling her to be a missionary...

  13. That sounds like a cool series to read emily! I'll have to check it out.

  14. Awesome! Lol, your going to have a lot of books by the time we're old!

  15. ha-ha, yeah! it seems to me, Emily, you know all the good books around!
    we sponser our kids by Compassion. and yes, it's really sad how there are so many people/children in other countries that are suffering SO bad! we are so blessed - come to think about it.

  16. Yes, you are exactly right.


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