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So, you ever want to just grow up? If you could just turn 18, everything would be fine? No more homework, no more school...life would be so much simpler? Well, that may be true, but...

There are so many awesome things that are happening while we are young. But if we're focusing so much on wanting to be older well then -- we're going to miss so much of our lives!

I was reading a Sierra Jenson book this morning, and there was this part exactly about this --

"Christy, have you ever felt like your caught between two lives? The one you're living, and the one you wish you were living?"

" I went to camp dreaming of adventure, romance and great spiritual victories. I came home wanting all the familiar people and places in my life, and wishing the old things would never change."
Do you think we're ever happy?" Sierra said, glancing out at the brightness of the morning sun across the sand and sea.
"No. But I want to learn to be. The verse I've been trying to memorize and put into practice this month is ' Godliness with contentment is great gain.' It's 1 Timothy 6:6. We're both kind of learning the same thing -- how to be happy where we are."

"What surprised me this week is how complicated life can be. Like with you and Todd. I thought my life would be so much easier if I had a boyfriend. But then I see how you two still have a lot of things to work out, and how it takes a lot of time and energy. That means your life is still compicated, even though you still have a boyfriend."
Christy laughed softly. "Uncle Bob once told me, 'If you think the grass is greener on the other side, try watering your own grass."
Sierra laughed. "That's what it's like, isn't it?Here I am, watching everyone else carry on with his or her life, and wishing I were on the other side of the fence. You're right, Christy. I am going to ask God to teach me how to live like that -- godly with contentment and paying attention to my side of the fence."
"And don't forget to water your own grass!" Christy added.
"And watering my own grass."

Wow. Now that I've typed it out, and read actually heard what those words are saying -- I feel I understand what Christy and Sierra are saying. And, guess what -- I think that the Christy Miller, Sierra Jenson books would be awesome devotion time books. What do you think? And when we finish them, and I buy the Katie Weldon series, and the Christy and Todd series -- we can continue on. Don't worry if you don't have the books -- but I do reccommend buying them -- not just for the study, but because they teach us SO much...


  1. That's a good idea, emily! I would love to read the books and talk about them, but could we wait a little while? I have a lot going on in school right now, and was hoping that maybe we could start in the middle of May. Could you please consider this? Great message, by the way! You really have to remember that when you're going through the tough times in life.

  2. That is really nice how you put that up on your blog! I have read the Christy Miller books and the Sierra Jenson books and I love them all!

  3. The Christy Miller and Sierra books ARE awesome, Karimi -- and so are you!

    Chelsea -- sure we can wait, because it wouldn't be fun if everyone couldn't participate :)

    I'm glad you girlz (I keep wanting to write guys -- it does mean girls and guys, lol :P)
    enjoyed the post :)

  4. Good message.

    Although, I have read the Christy books, and I don't like them. I would rather do an ACTUAL devotional book if you get what I mean.


  5. Yeah...If you don't mind my asking, how come you don't like them?

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  7. Take it from someone who turned 18 in November, don't grow up too fast. Enjoy your childhood. It's one of the greatest times in life. I miss being a kid so much. I can be incredibly nostalgic from time to time.

    And you might think life is so much simpler, but for me it's not. As young kids we want to grow up because life is so much easier, so we think. But then as adults we wish we could be kids again because being a kid was the real simple life.

    Another month or two and I'm going to be done with high school. That's another thing. Enjoy your high school years because they're going to go fast. I can't believe I'm graduating this year. I'm already really confused about life in the real world.

    Take it from me, take your time at growing up.

  8. Okay, thanks Chelsea. I'm going to remember that for the rest of my life.

  9. Hi I'm Becy, (Libby has a post up about me on her blog -- check it out)
    Cool post.

  10. How are you going to use those books as a devontional? For example; Summer Promise

  11. We could talk about what is happening in her life, what choices she is making...and then, when we get to the bigger issues -- we talk about them. I suppose, actually, that this isn't a devotional study. Maybe we could do this as well as a devotional study? What do you think, girlz?

    Oh, and Libby -- have you read all the Christy Miller books? They get better and better!

  12. Do you mean Christy becomes a better Christian example to the readers?

  13. What do you mean? I mean, yes, she does! I mean, she grows up, learns more...share's more...

  14. She does a lot in her life. All I can say is that it's an amazing series,at least to me it is. I've learned so much reading the Christy Miller and Sierra Jenson series -- and I haven't even got the whole series of Sierra Jenson...

  15. Thanks for being willing to wait for me, emily! I was afraid that you wouldn't wait and then I would have all this homework from and school and I wouldn't be able to do it too. THANKS again!

  16. Lol, your welcome :) I have to go to school today...and I was really enjoying my vacation
    :( It wouldn't be the same without you!

  17. yer ive read those books, they were so sweat1 i love them, what book of sierra jensen was that one again? anyway, thanks!

  18. yer its hard to explain, but she learns through so many mistakes, and she does share Jesus. Its hard to explain, because there are so many of the books! but i get what you mean still, but i do use them as an exam[ple, except for the BEST book- the bible. I know at times its boring, but when you need something it it most it becomes like, a big helpful influence.

  19. Yes, Im glad you understand. And while I love heaps of books, especially Nancy Rue's -- I have to say, Robin Jones Gunn's books have helped me the most. I have learnt so much from them...and am still learning so much through them.

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