Trinny and Susannah

Has anyone ever heard of these two ladies? They devote their lives to fashion -- to the outside.
They're from London, I think (they have British accents). They have this TV show, called What Not to Wear. So, they set a date at a shopping centre or whatever, and heaps of women who think they look bad and stuff, go there -- and hope that they'll be picked to be transformed into a gorgeous women or whatever.
After a lot of things are done, they eventually choose one (or two) women. They give them money, take them shopping -- and throw out their old clothes. Have their hair and make-up done...
Then, as you probably would imagine -- they come out of a room, and show off their new look.

Let's rewind -- to the part where all the women are crowded, waiting for Trinny and Susannah to choose them. All the women, who are most likely not Christians. How do I know? Well, they wouldn't be so obsessed with their looks that they're going to these fashion icons.

Just think about it -- if Trinny and Susannah were transforming the insides of these women, and not the outsides -- then so much more of the world could be saved, could know Jesus Christ. So many famous people could make a diffence -- the cacmera is always on them , they could share with the camera what Easter means to her/him. Because people look up to popstars, etc. They're ready to listen. But if they're Christians, why don't they then? This is what I think -- they don't want to loose their fans, they think that if they start introducing things like Christianity, all their non-Christian fans will hate them, and not support them or whatever.

But just because we're not in the spotlight -- we're inspiring people anyway. With our blogs, girls. Readers come, and they see what we write -- and maybe, because of what we're doing -- those kids are going to Heaven with us. And it's not hard, is it? No -- it's so much fun!

Oh, and by the way -- although Trinny and Susannah are focusing on the wrong parts of life, they do know how to dress. And they other day -- they were in my town. Too bad I was at school -- but mum went and saw them. There's nothing wrong with that -- why not go and see them? She didn't want to talk to them or anything, she just wanted to see what they were like in person. Apparently, they were pretty nice...overall =)


  1. Yeah, really true.
    Thanks for your post Emily, they're always great!

  2. You are so right! For some reason women are so concerned about their appearance that they can't think about anything else. The Bible even says that women should focus much more on making their heart beautiful and not their appearance. Then, people will wonder why they're not dressed in the latest fashions and might even question them about it and get saved!

  3. Y'know, they've got the same thing where I live, but their names are Stacy and Clinton.

  4. Ack, they're in MY country now. :((


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