taking advantage

Some time or other, I'm sure we've all taken advantage of something or someone. About 3 minutes ago, I was eating a piece of watermelon. One of my little sisters, Georgie, was talking to me. When I finished, and I can't believe I even did this -- I asked her to empty the rest into the bin. Honestly. And she was like 'Whyyyy?' but she was still going to do it for me, as she has done many times before for me. But suddenly, I was like to myself 'Emily! What are you DOING?! Why are you taking advantage of your lil' sis like that?! Making her do things for you, coz your too lazy to do it yourself?'. So I told Georgie, 'don't be silly! Why should you do things like that for me, when I'm capable of doing it myself?!' (I didn't say it in exactly those words). Anyway, I realized how often I take advantage of my youngest sister. And I'm going to ask God to help me not do it anymore!

Because, remember --
Matthew 7:12
“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.


  1. Thank you, Emily. I had posted a comment on my blog saying the kind of type same thing -- sorry confusing. But I mean like...I'm not a very nice older sister to my sis, Lydia...and I WANT TO BE SO BADLY! Thanks -- I'm sometimes like that too...

    it helped

    p.s. nice music

  2. Yeah...we always need to learn how to be better sisters -- I mean, I'd hate to have an older sister, like me! Someone saying to me, 'get out of my room right now!' or 'go away, your annoying me' or 'STOP messing my stuff up'. I can be a pretty horrible sister...I'm REALLY going to try hard!

  3. I know -- I'm like that...and then I think about stuff and I'm like "wow, I'd hate my older sister being like that if I had one" it's so hard not to do that! and I WANT to be a nice sister (seeing that it was my dream when I had four brothers, and i prayed a simple prayer for a sister -- not long after...BANG, I was going to have a sis!) so...yeah...sometimes I wish I had an older sister that I could look up to (if she was nice) and try to be a nice sister to Lydia...ugh, I'm trying!

  4. No offense, but advertising on mrs. rue's blog is NOT cool.

  5. I know, Libby, but we're not perfect :P Anyway, you sound like an awesome sister! Lets just keep trying :)


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